10 Refreshing Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat

As summer is approaching us, we already feel exhausted by it’s heat but there are some amazing summer drinks which can help us in tackling the scorching summer in a cool way! Here’s a list of the summer drinks which you might have definitely missed the whole year and now is the time to have them all! so, get set go 😀

  1. Sugarcane Juice: One of the top reasons for us to wait for summers is THE SUGARCANE JUICE! The lone empty highways are not empty anymore, the blue street carts are here now, to make our summers rejuvenating. This liquid comes with Plenty of nutrition and It’s not only yummy but highly refreshing! Why have processed sugar drinks when you can have this wonderful drink to cherish this summer! Because why not? 😉Summer |Drinks| Summer Drinks | Sugarcane Juice

2. Watermelon Juice: While summers are highly exhaustive! And when you’re trying to be hydrated all day! What can be better than a glass of watermelon juice? Watermelon is 90% water! Said enough, this beverage reduces inflammation and oxidative stress and can be your perfect partner to cool you down this summer! Also, along with being high in nutritional value it helps in Burning Calories very quickly! In short, before the summers says you Goodbye, make sure that you say hello to watermelon juice enough times to make the most of it 😉

Summer |Drinks| Summer Drinks | Watermelon juice

3. Buttermilk: Can you imagine summers without buttermilk? This magical drink has immense benefits to keep you hydrated, healthy and fat free This summer! Yes, it helps in burning fat, maintaining digestion and keeping you high in vitamins! Having it with a pinch of jeera masala on the topping every noon after having lunch is something i miss the whole year and wait for summers to enjoy the feeling! In short, this drink is a perfect example of” taste bhi health bhi!” 😛

Summer |Drinks| Summer Drinks | Buttermilk

4. Jaljeera Shikanji: Jaljeera powder consisting of roasted cumin, ginger powder, coriander, mint leaves and dried mango powder and much more! So, now do I need to tell you more how much wonders this drink can do to your body? Not only it’ll cool down in a best way but also will improve your digestion, and will prevent gas, bloating, flatulence. Don’t forget to drink it often in the scorching afternoons when you go out before the season flies by! 😀

Summer |Drinks| Summer Drinks |

5. Sharbats: I know, it’s Painful to go out in the deadly afternoons when guests arrive at your Place, but why go out when you can offer them a glass of sharbat 😛 Ha-ha, along with this, the sharbats serve as an amazing topping to our Ice-cream and faludas! I mean how can you not remember Rooh Afza 😀 So, this summer make sure you have enough space in your refrigerators as these bottles are soon gonna Hijack it 😀 And also, control your intake as don’t forget that they are also for the guests 😛

Summer |Drinks| Summer Drinks | Sharbats

6. Mojitos: Moji means magic charm so, mojito means a drink having charming characteristics. True! isn’t it? When you’re tired of other soft drinks this summer, this international drink will quench your thirst in a coolest way. And one amazing thing about mojito is it is the drink with maximum variety ranging from virgin mojito to pink panther mojito! So, don’t miss out on mojitos before the summer just flies by! 😉

Summer |Drinks| Summer Drinks | Mojito

7. Aamras: Summers and aamras go hand in hand, its impossible to connect one without the another! We wait the whole year for the King of fruits to arrive so that we can have the delicious aamras as a part of our diets. The aamras is not only one of the tastiest drinks you can ever have but also it has many potential health benefits which prevent anemia, strengthen bones, relieves heat strokes etc. So, what are you waiting for? rush to the market before mangoes go out of stock 😛

Summer |Drinks| Summer Drinks | Aamras

8. Iced Tea: Another most enjoyed drink in summers is everyone’s favorite Iced Tea. While having chai is a daunting task in the summer noon, you can be loyal to your love for chai by having the cooler version of it 😉 Not only this super refreshing drink keeps you hydrated, but also boosts your anti-oxidants and is also very good for your heart’s health. So, even if you’re not a chai lover you can become one after having iced tea 😉

Summer |Drinks| Summer Drinks | Iced Tea

9. Aam Panna: The very well known “Kachi keri no Ras” or Aam panna is another most favorite of amdavadis. Plus, its reputation to fight against heat just adds cherry on the cake to its perfect taste of sweet and sour combinations. Plus, it prevents constipation, diabetes, Cancer, heals blood disorders and what not! So, do you still want any more reasons to have this rejuvenator this scorching summer?

Summer |Drinks| Summer Drinks | Aampana

10. Nimbu Pani: Lemonade is just a word, but Nimbu Pani is an emotion :D. It’s a simple quintessential summer drink but can we ever get enough of it? Ofc not, the yummiest Nimbu pani is less seen as a beverage and more like a home-made remedy as some people use it for stimulating hunger while some use it for reducing the hangover 😉 Moreover, it’s also helpful in controlling blood pressure, and reducing tooth ache. Have you ever found a substitute of this tastiest medicine? 😉

Summer |Drinks| Summer Drinks | Lemonade

So, We Hope that you’ll have great summers with these wonderful beverages. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends to entice them to join you along when you drink these 😉