10 Tasty Dishes You Can Make With Oats

Who would not like to have a meal or a breakfast which is full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals? Or how about a dish that is equally wholesome and delicious?  Also, if you are already an incredible fan of food dishes made with oats then read further to know about 10 tasty dishes you can make with oats. Oats are whole grains that are rich in antioxidants and soluble fibers. It aids in improving the blood sugar level of the body and it can be a very filling meal. Incorporate some of these oats such as whole oat grots, steel-cut oats, quick-cook oatmeal oats, and regular or rolled oats in your diet to amp up your health quotient!

Oats Idli

different healthy dishes| Oats idli
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How about some healthy and tasty idlis for a breakfast? You can make these delicious oats idli quickly without fermentation. Add few vegetables of your choice in the batter or make the idlis without vegetables, however, you like. Serve them with some coconut chutney or pack it as your perfect tiffin box snack.

Banana Oatmeal Waffle

11 tasty dishes you can make with oats| Oats waffles
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Do you love consuming gluten-free food items? Then, this crisp-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside banana oatmeal waffle can come to your rescue. It only requires a few ingredients to make these oat flour waffles. These dreamy and healthy waffles can become a perfect breakfast or an evening snack.

Carrot Oats Kheer

11 tasty dishes you can make with oats| Carrot oats kheer
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Desserts are sinful but how about some sweet treat with a healthy twist? Sounds good, right? It will even taste wonders with a bowl of how carrot oats kheer. You will definitely crave more after relishing this creamy and ideal bowl of carrots and oats kheer. Indulge in this yummy dish after a lunch or a dinner.

Fruits And Oats Smoothie

11 tasty dishes you can make with oats| Oats fruits smoothie
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The tasty blend of oats, fresh fruits, and milk tastes wonders. Fruits and oats smoothie is a healthy as well as tasty and easy-to-make drink. It is a perfect drink to recharge your energy or to make a good breakfast beverage. Add some of your favorite fruits to this appetizing drink but avoid adding citrus fruits to it.

Oats Cake

11 tasty dishes you can make with oats| Oats cake
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Who would not like to have a relish a nutritious and healthy piece of heaven? The cake is all you need when you are confused about what to eat to fulfill all your sweet cravings. Oats cake is a perfect sweet which can be made with only a few ingredients at home when you want some delectable and healthy sweet!

Oats Chilla

11 tasty dishes you can make with oats| Oats chilla
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Do you love besan ka chilla and is it your go-to dish whenever you are super hungry? If yes, then you are going to love oats chilla as well. The crisp texture tastes the best when relished warm with some chutney or sambar. You will crave for more just by its aroma!

Oats Chivda

11 tasty dishes you can make with oats| Oats chivda
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Do you like munching healthy and crunchy snacks? You can consider oats chivda as your namkeen friend with a perfect blend of different ingredients. Add some poha, puffed rice, granola, nuts, seeds, or cornflakes to the chivda to give it an extra crunch.

Oats Cookies

11 tasty dishes you can make with oats| Oats cookies
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Are you always up for some sweets? Wouldn’t it be best if it’s healthy too? Yes, you can demolish all your sweet cravings with these crunchy and crispy oatmeal cookies. Add some dried berries or raisins to give it a softer and chewier texture. Or add some chocolate chips and cinnamon to give that extra touch of deliciousness.

Oats Khichdi

healthy food itmes| Oats khichdi
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When you feel like making something simple yet tasty, then it is one of the best options of a nutritional and a quick one-pot meal. Oats khichdi along with some raita or pickle tastes amazing. You can also add all the spare veggies that are hoarding up in your fridge to make it more tasty and nutritious.

Oats Upma

healthy food platters| oats upma
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A quick and easy recipe for those who are always in a hurry for work. Oats upma makes a perfect and healthy tiffin box snack too. It can be made from instant oats, rolled oats, or steel-cut oats. Add some of your favorite veggies to it to give a nutritional boost to the upma.We’d love to know your favored or cherished oats food dish from this list of 10 tasty dishes you can make with oats. 

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