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5 Best Cafes In Maldives

How about a trip to the year-round holiday destination? Or how about a beach vacation? A place that is a fantasy for the family and a mecca for all those who love water-sports! The pristine beauty of the island with the perfect weather and endless sunshine is more attractive! How exciting, isn’t it? Yes, we’re talking about the sunny side of life – Maldives! And we believe that a fun trip is always incomplete without relishing the famous food dishes of the place. Did you also know the fact that the Maldives is a fusion of its neighboring countries like Sri Lanka and India? Yes, it offers the fusion of both countries in the form of deliciously delightful delicacies, along with mild spiciness and delicate sweetness. To try the several tasteful food dishes you must visit any of these cafes from this list of the 5 best cafes in Maldives.

1. Meraki Coffee Roasters

5 Best Cafes In Maldives| Meraki coffee roasters
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Meraki Coffee Roasters is in Husnuheena Magu. If you’re a coffee snob then you must visit this eatery. This attractively decorated and charming cafe offers some of the best coffees and non-coffee drinks in the city. The place is well-known for its great staff, beautiful ambiance with cool decor, and funky vibe. You can just sit here and relax with your loved ones while sipping a cup of latte. Must-Have Food Items – Latte Coffee, Cascara Tea served with Honey, Cappuccino, Chocolate Biscuits, Granola with Fruits.

2. Zeeba’s Deli And Cafe

5 Best Cafes In Maldives| Zeeba's deli and cafe

Zeeba’s Deli and Cafe is in Iramaa Magu, Male. This is a tiny cafe which offers delicious food and yummylicious desserts. The owner of this cafe, Zeeba is really friendly and accomodating along with her staff members. You’ll never be disappointed with the food dishes on their menu. This wonderful respite in the middle of Male` is well-known for providing good quality food and professional and friendly service. Must-Have Food Dishes – Cinnamon Roll, Kanamadhu Cake, Passion Fruit Juice, Coffee Drinks, Sandwiches.

3. Bread Matters Urban

5 Best Cafes In Maldives| bread urban matters
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Bread Matters Urban lies in the H. Gaadhoo building. It is a contemporary cafe and one of the best places to spend some quality time with your friends or family. The impressive vibe and gorgeous interiors along with its decor are surely going to amaze you. You’ll also vouch for the delightful burgers and tasteful drinks after relishing them once. The friendly staff and hygienic place are the top highlights of this cafe.

4. Seagull Cafe House

Good Eateries on Island| Seagull cafe
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Seagull Cafe House is a charming 2-storey place with all of its pretty setup of interiors. The first floor is a bit larger as compared to the ground floor which gives an absorbing full view of the gorgeous city. It serves multiple cuisines such as Maldivian and Indian cuisines. Any dessert lovers out there? If you’re then you must visit this eatery as it serves 30 different types of mouth-watering ice-creams. Must-Have Food Items – Parsley Rice, Wraps, Curries, Burgers, Sandwiches.

5. The Civil Coffee Society

Places to eat on the island| Civil coffee society
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The Civil Coffee Society is in Haveeree Hingun. It is one of the amazing cafes offering delightful coffees. This place is a cute and cozy joint which makes the perfect ambiance for the people to relax. The main highlights of this place are the friendly staff, excellent coffee, alluring snacks, and good service. Must-Have Food Items – Cappuccino, Almond Croissant, Cheesecake, Cafe Latte, Pineapple Juice, Ice-Chocolate, Different varieties of teas.Don’t forget to visit these beautiful cafes from the list of the 5 best cafes in Maldives whenever you plan a trip to this city!

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