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5 Best Places For Momos In Ahmedabad

“Yaar bhukh laagi chhe, Chalo momos khava jaiye”, who hasn’t heard these words in the evening? Every amdavadi loves momos, not as much as fafda jalebi. But they surely have a liking towards momos too. This delicious treat originated somewhere in the North but has become everyone’s favourite across the country. Steamed momos or fried ones? Red Chutney or Mayonnaise? The choice is yours. Let’s discover the top 5 places for momos in Ahmedabad.

Top 5 Places For Momos In Ahmedabad

1. Momoman

Top 5 places for momos in ahmedabad | Momoman
Source: Instagram/rashmikhatri

Momoman is the OG place for momos in Ahmedabad. They have the choicest classic flavours accompanied by Chinese delicacies. Also, it is mouth-watering to see and devour steamy momos. Their steamed momos are best and are served with red garlic chutney. So, try them out, and you would want to come back again to relish a new flavour.

Avg Cost: 550/- for two.

Location: Gurukul, Ahmedabad

Must-try Dishes: Veg Spicy Momos, Veg Assorted Momos

2. Marky Momos

Top 5 places for momos in ahmedabad | Marky Momos
Source: Zomato

Marky Momos emerged out as a delectable momo joint recently. If you are someone who is fond of spicy food, then this is the perfect place. Marky Momos has several distinct flavour choices. It is solely dedicated to serving lip-smacking momos. Also, their flavours are different and can be customised.

Avg Cost: 500/- for two.

Location: Prahaladnagar, Ahmedabad

Must-try Dishes: Paneer Steamed Momos, Veg Afghani Momos

3. Wok On Fire

wok on fire | Momos
Source: Zomato

Wok On Fire is the favourite destination for all your Chinese and Continental food cravings. They serve authentic food with great taste. Even the momos are delicious and served with chutney and other sauces. If you want to try momos in a unique style, this must be your go-to place. It serves momos in three different styles, namely steamed, fried, and tossed. Try all of these to make your taste buds go on a ride.

Avg Cost: 900/- for two.

Location: Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

Must-try Dishes: Cottage Cheese Spinach Momos, Wok On Fire Momos

4. Mainland China 

mainland china | momos
Source: Instagram/foodoholicsahmedabad

Mainland China is a premium place to have a Chinese treat. Their menu is crafted by adding the authentic spices and flavours of Chinese cuisine. Oh, and did you know that their momos melt in the mouth as soon as you bite it? Their Truffle oil momos are the talk of the town. They taste heavenly with a tinge of sweetness in it.  It is an underrated food joint in Ahmedabad and surely deserves attention for its appetizing dishes.

Avg Cost: 1200/- for two.

Location: Satellite, Ahmedabad

Must-try Dishes: Thai Style Momos, Edamame with Truffle Oil

5. Bhookh Lagi Hai?

bhookh lagi hai
Source: Instagram/foodieeat27

Naam sunn ke hi muh me paani aa gaya! Bhookh Lagi hai? is an infamous food joint that serves great snacks. They offer the choicest momos with green and red chutney. Again, it is an underrated place to try out momos. In fact, their flavours are unique and worth a bite. The quantity is also fulfilling and comes at an affordable cost.

Avg Cost: 550/- for two.

Location: Satellite, Ahmedabad

Must-try Dishes: Tandoori Momos, Afghani Gravy Momos

Knowing the top 5 places for momos in Ahmedabad has surely got us drooling. And, we are already planning our next momo party. So, join us digitally by tagging us in your momo-stories on Instagram.

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