6 Handpicked Buffets In Ahmedabad For Your Next Get Together

After a hectic work and balanced diet on weekdays, all we want is a good family dinner on Sunday. Because as you all know nothing brings people together like good food. So here we have handpicked some great buffets in Ahmedabad, where you’ll not have to worry about what to order, you can have a starter, main course and dessert, and that too as much as you want.
So let’s start with the best one.

1. Barbeque Nation

They serve a great variety of starters, including live barbeques and some amazingly flavoured kebabs. It is the same with their desserts. There are so many to choose from, but we insist to try each and everything as it is going to be a blast inside your mouth!
Buffets In Ahmedabad
Instagram: @toraljoshi27

2. Sam’s Pizza

Soups, salads, garlic bread, pizzas and brownie with ice cream, who would say no to these. Satisfactory and light at the same time. Plus we drool for their salads. They have one of the best buffets in Ahmedabad.
Buffets In Ahmedabad
Instagram: @foodtripping.in

3. Saffron

What we liked about this restaurant is they serve really cool things to try. Such as Capsular Lassi (on a spoon) and little dahi puri bites. So if you go there do not miss to try these tiny delights.
Places for Buffets
Zomato: Sakina

4. Cellad Eatery

For all diet conscious people, you can have a full plate dinner in a healthy way. Soup, salads, yogurt and garlic toast. Diet wouldn’t be so hard this way!
Buffets In Ahmedabad
Zomato: Maulik Patel

5.Cafe Piano- The Grand Bhagwati

To all the late night eaters, we have something interesting for you. This place is popular for their Sunday brunches and late night buffet. Nothing feels greater than the feeling you get after satisfying your late night cravings.
Buffets In Ahmedabad
Instagram: @gohilraveena

6. Timpani, Radisson Blu

Their buffet dinner includes all kind of creative things you can imagine and that too with a great taste. They serve special dishes on every occasion. Especially on eid, their sheer Khurma will blow your mind away.
Buffets In Ahmedabad
Source: Zomato
So people with a great appetite, go and treat your taste buds at these amazing places. Try each and every dish they serve and tell us which one you liked the most. Eat more, worry less!
The guest authors, Jhalak Talati and Kausha Thaker are known as The Foodie Freaks. Check out their Instagram to follow their food exploration: @thefoodiefreaks