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6 Healthy Food Places In Ahmedabad For All The Fit Foodies

Most people have a misconception about healthy food, that it only contains green vegetables. Whereas a salad is a great combination of vegetables, fruits, spices, mixed herbs which gives it a unique taste along with an attractive presentation. Here we have bought to you some of the healthy food places in Ahmedabad well known for salads and they give you a lot of variety in salads that you’ll just love to have it.

1. Love For Salad, Prahladnagar

Healthy Food Places In Ahmedabad
Source: Raj Depani, Vidhya Rana and Kushani

This place is love for salad lovers. They’ll get a lot of variety and they serve purely fresh and hygienic salads. Each time you have a new dish to try. This place is worth a visit.Must Try: Supreme Salad, Seven Layer Salad

2. The Salad Connection, Satellite

Healthy Food Places In Ahmedabad
Source: Yashika Patel and Anil Sen

This place is a treat for your taste buds. They serve exotic different salads and are well known for on-time delivery. They offer monthly packages for all those who want to go on a fixed diet.Must Try: Waldorf Salad, Fruit and Nut Salad

3. Falashin Juices And Dishes, Bodakdev

Healthy Food Places In Ahmedabad
Source: Ankur Shah, Nikunj Ved and Ankur Gohil

Falashin is known for healthy dishes and healthy juices. Here you have two options available. You have the option of juice if you don’t want to go for salads. They serve fresh and lip-smacking dishes along with juices.Must Try: Russian Salad, Exotic Fruit Bowl

4. Terra, Satellite

Healthy Food Places In Ahmedabad
Source: Marianne Antonio and Sriram Nair

This place is a must try if you want to have a break from junk food. They serve delicious salads, sandwiches, and drinks. You must definitely visit this place for trying the mouthwatering healthy food.Must Try: Pasta Salad, Mediterranean Salad

5. Velvety Food, Satellite

Healthy Food Places In Ahmedabad
Source: Velvety Food

This place is very famous for good food, good service, and good packaging. For all those who wish to try a salad for the first time must visit this place and their perspective for salad will change.Must Try: Mexican Bean Salad

6. Falafal C.G. Road

Healthy Food Places In Ahmedabad
Source: Praneet Mohnot and Mahima Iyer

A perfect place for everyone to put up good health with good food. This place offers a number of fruit juices along with salads which makes a great combination for a perfect meal.Must Try: Falafal FatoushSo you must visit these healthy food places in Ahmedabad which will give a change to your taste buds and also you’ll know what actually healthy food is. 

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