Gola Places In Ahemdabad

6 Best Places To Have Gola In Ahmedabad

As soon as the summer vacations roll, most of us crave for Gola. After the long tiring sunny day, the only thing that would bring a smile on your face is a freezing ice Gola.

Though, some of you might prefer ice cream, shakes, cold coffee, etc. But nothing could be better than having Gola.

Savoring baraf gola with our friends is a vivid childhood memory for all of us. That is why it helps us forget every single problem and just focus on relishing it.

We’ve listed down 8 Best Gola in Ahmedabad to visit this summer for you!

Which Gola Flavor Is Your Favorite?

The most common flavors are –

  • Cadbury with extra malai for the sweet tooths
  • The OG Kalakhatta for the child in us
  • Orange with lemon and masala on top of it for a unique masaledar taste
  • Kacchi kairi and rose combo for the khatta-meetha flavor blast
    and the list would be never-ending.

When the Gola is prepared, most of us would tell, “Bhaiya thodi aur malai dalo na.” And while having Gola, making the slurpy sound, brings out the inner child from inside us.

So here are some of the best Ice Gola in Ahmedabad for you to visit.

The Most Famous Gola In Ahmedabad

Someshwar RO Ice Centre, Satellite

Gola Places In Ahmedabad
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Someshwar RO Ice Cener offers varieties of tasteful delights, especially during the summers. The best part about the spread is that they are always concerned about their customers hygiene. Therefore, they believe in using only the RO water to make the mouth-watering gola dishes.

Must-Try Gola Dish – ‘Fruit Gola’ with seasonal fruits like watermelon, kiwi, pomegranate, mangoes.
Find this at – Below Raksha Hospital, Judges Bungalow Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad

Gulab Gola Wala, Usmanpura

Gola Places In Ahmedabad
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Gulab golawala serves some of the best and delightful gola flavors. We’re sure that you’ll always be tempted to eat more after tasting their famous dishes.

This place serves the most famous baraf gola in Ahmedabad. That is why you will always see a long queue of customers waiting.

Hence, it is one of the busiest places during the summer season offering some of the tasty sweet dishes.

Must-Try Gola Dish – Falsa Gola, Exotic Falsa fruit filled with their secret masalas.
Find this at – 46 Maneklal Marg, Shantinagar, Sharda Colony, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad

Swati Gola, Law Garden

Gola Places In Ahmedabad
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If you’re looking to relish the authentic flavors of golas then you must visit Swati Snacks. They have the amazing combination of fruit flavors that tastes awesome.

Their supernatural and delightful gola dishes are a must try for every sweet lover.

Must-Try Gola Dish – Orange and Lichy gola
Find this at – Swati Snacks, Law Garden, Ahmedabad

Candy Crush RO Water Gola, Bodakdev

Best eateries offering tempting desserts| Candy crush ro water
Source: Hungrito

If you’re someone who is looking for the various options of the basic golas then Candy Crush RO water gola is a must-visit place for you.

This gola center stands unique due to it’s authenticity. They make sure that all their flavored syrups are prepared by themselves rather than using the market ones. Isn’t this best?

Must-Try Gola Dish – Candy Crush special topped with vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce, and gems, Mousse Gola, Ice-cream gola
Find this at – Ratna Palace, Opp. Mother Milk press, near Sambhav Press, Judges Bungalow Road, Ahmedabad

Mewad, Law Garden

Amazing desserts fir summer| Mewad
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Every Ahmedabadi must have visited the renowned shopping place of the city, i.e. Law Garden. Now when you go for shopping at Law Garden, don’t forget to visit one of it’s best gola center, Mewad Golawala.

They offer some of the flavorsome gola dishes that consists of dry fruits, tooti-fruity, cherry, etc. Believe us, this is as tasteful as it sounds! You can ask them to add your favorite flavored syrup on the delight, and voilaa you’re good to go.

Must-Try Gola Dish – Mewad Rajwadi, Cadbury special, Rabdi, Kesar and Mawa.
Find this at – Mewad Gola, Samartheshwar Mahadev, Law Garden, Ahmedabad

Jay Bhavani Dryfruit Dish Gola, Sola

Jay Bhavani Dryfruit Dish Gola provides some delicious ice dishes. They specialize in the dry-fruit flavors of gola and also consist of Cadbury, choco ball, butterscotch, etc which is as tasteful as it sounds!

Must-try Gola dish– Sp. Ferrero Rocher, Rajwadi Gola

Find this at Shivam Complex, Science City Rd, Sola, Ahmedabad

Also, tell us what kind of specifications you like on the mouth-watering plate of gola that you always order.

Are you a food enthusiast who loves also loves trying and experimenting the new gola flavors? We would love to know your preferences!

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