What are your plans for today? Wait, do not plan anything. We are here to take you on a mouth-watering stroll across the Sindhu Bhavan Road, THE CAFE HUB OF AHMEDABAD. There are innumerable cafes at Sindhu Bhavan Road. Want to grab a quick cup of coffee? Head over to Ares. Are you planning a romantic dinner?  @ Mango welcomes you. Or do you want to munch on crispy fries? The doors to Xero Degrees are open.

So, we have something for everyone here. And you have to stay to uncover it all.  Where do we start, though? Let’s get a freak shake at Cafe De Italiano, first. Come!

Stop 1 –  Cafe De Italiano

Cafe De Italiano is known for its magnanimous freak shakes. The rustic ambience of the cafe welcomes visitors all throughout the day. It is often noticed that people are either savouring delicious pizza or sipping the infamous freak shakes.  We strongly recommend Death By Chocolate Freak Shake; it lures every taste bud that is present in the cafe. Along with the shake, you can munch on BBQ Cheese fries. 

  Cafe De Italiano is loved for its homely interiors and scrumptious food options.

Avg cost: 950/- for two

Cafe at Sindhu Bhavan Road | cafe de italiano
Source: Zomato

Stop 2 –   The Cafe Baraco

The cafe baraco has been the oldest cafe at Sindhu Bhavan road. However, it is relocated to a new location. Wondering which dish to try here? Order Ravioli Al Pesto. The creamy green texture makes it extremely appetizing. Along with this, you can order The TCB Mojito as an accompaniment. 

With modest interiors, Cafe Baraco makes it a great hangout spot, and it is budget-friendly too. 

Avg cost: 1,000/- for two

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Cafes in Sindhu Bhavan | Baraco
Source: Zomato

Stop 3 – Parosa

 The freak shake was fulfilling, but who says NO to North Indian Cuisine? This thought struck our mind when we spotted Parosa at the opposite end of the road. At Parosa, one must order Veg Mac and Cheese right away. It is fully loaded with cheese and has a mouth-watering creamy texture. In addition to this, let’s dip our fingers in the delicious Dal Makhani with Garlic Naan. Parosa has already got us licking our fingers through its flavoursome food. 

Uff! We are full, so full… oh! hey, did someone say Pizza?

Avg Cost: 900/- for two 

Cafes at Sindhu Bhavan Road | Parosa

Stop 4 –  Xero Degrees

Pizza ne kon na pade? This question has led us to our favorite innovative pizza joint. Xero Degrees!!! The hippie interiors of the place welcome us with a wisp of yummy food in making. Well, for pizza tumhare paas 2 raaste hai. Order Pizza in a jar, or eat it in a creative shape. Yes, they serve heart-shaped pizza. Hello lover, rings a bell? 

For the Pizza in a jar, try out Minty Tandoori, and for the flatbread, Xero Extravaganza wins the game. We proudly fought for the last slice!!! Why? You’ll know once you get your hands on it. 

Avg cost: 850/- for two

Cafe at SBR | xero degrees
Source: Zomato

Stop 5 – Muse

Do you feel like chilling in an open-air space? And maybe try a Chinese noodles bowl? Then you are at the right stop. Muse serves the best Chinese cuisine in town. The relaxing ambience of the cafe is inviting, and the food is delectable too. So it’s a win-win situation right? You can chill out, read a Dan Brown or just soak in the evening breeze. 

You should definitely check this one out, as it is steadily becoming the talk of the town.

Avg Cost: 800/- for two

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Cafe in Sindhu Bhavan Road | Chinese bowl
Source: Zomato

Stop 6- Ares 

We cannot sign off without having a cup of coffee. Ares is an underrated cafe joint. They have such wonderful flavours that have the power to entice the non-coffee drinkers too. Their Mocha Frappe (Hot) is the widely chosen beverage. Ares’s open-air vibe invites visitors in the evening to chat over a cup of coffee. It is a beautiful place to view the sunset. 

Avg cost: 500/- for two

Cafe at SBR | Ares
Source: Google

Stop 7 – Tea Post – The Desi Cafe   

Oh hey Chai Person, ruko zara. Hum karte hai kuch prabandh. Tea Post – The Desi Cafe is here to serve you. It is the most favourite chai stall for every amdavadi. Order your cup of tea along with thepla or the OG Maskabun. Even this is an open-air space; perfect for after-college banter. 

We feel, we have done equal justice to both the parties, and are ending the food excursion on a delicious note.   

Avg cost: 300/- for two

Open air cafe | Tea post
Source: Foodiewoodieclub/google

It was a wholesome experience to try out these delectable dishes. Just not these, there are innumerable cafes lined up on the Sindhu Bhavan Road that serves soul food. If you visit any of these and try our recommended dishes, do tag us over Instagram. 



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