7 Amazing Maggi Spots In Ahmedabad

Remember those days when you were alone at home and got hungry while the only food you knew how to cook was Maggi, so you would rush to the kitchen and start cooking Maggi. Though their tagline says “2 Min Noodles” yet I’ve never been successful to cook Maggi in 2 minutes. Nevertheless, it’s worth enough to wait for “Meri Favourite Maggi” and if I say that I have grown up on Maggi, it wouldn’t be wrong. My mom used to send Maggi in my lunchbox once a week and on that day I would impatiently wait for the recess time to finish my “Dabba” in one go. This obsession is still the same because of these amazing Maggi places in Ahmedabad

7 Best Maggi Spots In Ahmedabad

Parimal Garden

Must have Maggi varieties at Parimal Garden: Butter Tadka Maggi, Masala Maggi

Sai Sagar Coffee

Must have Maggi varieties at Sai Sagar Coffee: Veg Maggi and Simple Maggi

Science City

Must have Maggi varieties at Science City: Cheese Maggi and Tadka Maggi

CEPT University Road

Must have Maggi varieties of Cept: Masaledar Maggi Pasta and Butter Tadka Maggi

HL College Road

Must have Maggi varieties of HL: Cheese Vegetable Maggi and Tadka Maggi

Friends Coffee Bar

Amazing Maggi Places In Ahmedabad
Source: Parth Shukla

Must have Maggi varieties at Friends Coffee Bar: Veg Maggi and Friend’s Special Maggi

IIM Road

Must have Maggi varieties of IIM: Cheese Butter Maggi and Masala MaggiAre you a Maggi fan too? Isn’t it our desired food dish, whether we’re hungry or not? If yes, then don’t forget to share your favorite Maggi spot with us!! Also, visit these amazing maggi places in Ahmedabad!To know more about this awesome city and the life of Hungrito in the city follow us on FacebookInstagram.

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