Amusing Coffee Facts For All The Coffee Lovers

A cup of coffee is never a bad idea! Who’d not like to drink a great cup of coffee? The rich caffeine kick and the smell of the freshly brewed coffee is something you’d want to relish everyday! Isn’t it ? If yes, then how about knowing some fascinating facts about your desired beverage while sipping it? Sounds interesting no? We’re sure that you are going to love this list of the amusing coffee facts for all the coffee lovers that we’ve pulled out for you.

1. Coffee Was Originally Chewed, Not Sipped!

We wonder how it tastes or would someone like to chew the coffee now too! How about an expresso? Would you like to chew it or sip it!? :p

2. Instant Coffee Is Nearly 250 years Old!

Amusing Coffee Facts For All The Coffee Lovers| Coffee

Woah, it seems that our ancestors were also fond of the amazing coffee!

3. Coffee Is Most Effective When You Drink It Between 9.30 and 11.30 AM.

Folks, be an early riser an relish a fantastic cup of coffee to kick start your day!

4. Coffee Stays Warmer About 20% Longer When You Add Cream.

Amusing Coffee Facts For All The Coffee Lovers| Creamy coffee

Ain’t it an interesting fact? Now you can always make your lattes with extra cream and sip it while binge watching your favorite show!

5. The Longer That Coffee Beans Have Been Roasted – The Healthier They Are.

Yes, you heard it right. Coffee is also a healthy beverage. Now wouldn’t you like to have a cuppa coffee right now?

6. Just The Smell Of Coffee Can Help You Wake Up In The Morning!

Amusing Coffee Facts For All The Coffee Lovers| Aromatic coffee

We are sure that you would like to wake up with an enticing and aromatic cup of coffee everyday!

7. Studies Have Shown That Drinking Coffee May Lower Your Risk Of Depression.

If you are stressed or depressed, think no more and have a cup of flavorful coffee. You will feel better and feel energized.

8. Globally People Consume About 2.25 Billion Cups Of Coffee Everyday!

favorite beverage| Aromatic coffee

Woah, isn’t this more of a bombshell revelation? Also, would you like to tell us how many cups of coffee do you drink everyday? :p

9. The Most Expensive Coffee In The World Is Black Ivory Coffee. It Can Cost Up To $1,100 Per Kilogram.

Now, how’s this? Astonishing or shocking?

10. Coffee Beans Are Only Called ‘Beans’ Because Of The Resemblance – They’re Actually Berries.

beveloved beverage| black coffee

Tell us which of these amusing coffee facts for all the coffee lovers are your favorite. Also, we’d love to know if you have other interesting facts of coffee to tell us! 

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