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Hinal Chauhan
Cupcake and Muffin

8 Identical Looking Dishes That Are Poles Apart In Taste

Just like homonyms in the English dictionary, which are words that sound similar but have completely different meaning, food lovers may also identify with the dilemma of choosing between two identical looking dishes, which taste different and have quite different preparations. Hungrito brings to you a few such popular dishes which may even confuse the […]
oreo Cover

9 Oreo Facts That You Might Have Not Known

The creamy chocolate sandwich biscuits - OREO has made an amazing wonderfilling in hearts of people. The creamy flavour and dark crunch has its own uniqueness. The best way to have them is to "twist it, lick it, and dunk it" and feel divine. There are a number of flavours and numerous variety of biscuit they produce. It […]
Street Food Header

5 Reasons why street food is still in fashion

With the passing time, high-end restaurants have made a place in the society. Still street food hasn't lost its popularity. It is the best place for people to explore new and innovative dishes with a fusion of different cuisines. Here are some reasons behind it. 1. Economic Street food is the most economic food. While […]
29 States 29 Dishes

29 States 29 Dishes

India has a diverse choice and atmosphere. Every state has its own weather condition and on that basis, their dishes are being turned into their daily meal. People in the nation have accepted the food as their staple diet according to their weather, like Punjab has wheat as a central ingredient, whereas rice in Kerala. […]
29 States 29 Desserts

29 Desserts from 29 States in India

India has a varied culture. As are the number of states so are the number of cultures and so are the number of dishes. Dishes vary with each other from state to state in Names, Recipes and many other styles. Desserts are the heart and soul of any occasion in Indian culture. The Indian States have […]
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