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Prerna Gosai
She is an art director and digital marketing expert who loves exploring new taste palettes. Seen with a smile and an iced tea in hand.
Cartoon characters- doraemon, minions, bugs bunny, popeye, pooh

15 Foodie Cartoon Characters That We Can't Forget

We've brought you the list of the most popular foodie cartoon characters' and their favorite food dishes to take you on a walk down the memory lane. When we think about our childhood, the first thing that comes to our mind is some amazing cartoon characters that made us love them more and more and […]

6 Places Serving The Best Biryani In Ahmedabad

Biryani is a famous dish made from rice with traditional recipes across India. Every other state has its own process of preparing a perfect Biryani. The various types include Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Malabar, Ambur, Bhatakli and much more. But being a Biryani lover in Ahmedabad I know you guys can definitely feel the efforts that go […]
Date Like A True Foodie

Ditch The Mainstream Ideas And Date Like A True Foodie

Are you looking for a perfect date night with your loved one? The one where the table is decorated with scented candles, flowers, and chocolates. Then this blog isn't made for you. This blog is for those unconventional foodie souls who's got what it takes to trade typical dating ideas. So if you're one of them […]
Seva Cafe

Fill Your Gupshup With Coffee & Much More At Thikana, Ahmedabad

Hello Foodies! As summer is always difficult to beat in the city like Ahmedabad, here we are with one interesting place which will surely help you to beat this scorching heat. And the place is Thikana! Can you imagine a cafe with the unique concept of a laari, serving the best-flavored coffees in Ahmedabad? Sounds interesting! But […]
Nutella Belgian Frappe- Chocolate Room

Fun, Fries And Pizza With American Food House

Challenges always get humans interested, don’t they? One such challenge of American Food House got me. And being a foodie, I took it upon myself to complete it. A 30 inch Pizza, 2 people, 60 mins to complete. Complete it and the pizza is free also a photo of you on the WALL OF FAME.With […]
oreo Cover

Foodie's Day Out Experience At Kensville Golf Living

From time to time it's good to escape the city life and spend some quality time with your loved ones and especially with yourself. Because a good life is not just eating healthy meals every day, work and earn money. It'll help you to get relaxed and boost your mind to focus important thing at work. Considering […]

Fascinating Flavours From Chuskiii Ro Gola, Ahmedabad

Summer evenings often run late into the night, planning something to eat and, most importantly, something to delight both young and old is a must. At this time of year with everyone enjoying their vacations handy snacks are obviously essential. But when the heat gets too much, I'd rather nibble on something cold. With arrivals of summer, Hungrito brought […]

Best Places Serving Steamy & Delicious Momos In Ahmedabad

You all must have heard about the craze for Momos North Indians have, but do you know how this name 'momo' came from? As the origin of momo is claimed to be originated from Tibet, Nepal or northeast India, the name comes from the Tibetan word 'mog-mog'. These little momos are nothing but little dumplings […]

Whisky Slush, Nutella Gola & much more At Candy Crush RO Water Gola

Summers are here and you all must've felt that temperature is escalating day by day. Now to hear the beat I was making a list of places that can help me beat the scorching heat. Now that list was ready, next question comes which place to visit first? Plus, I wanted to start this season […]

Best Dishes In Ahmedabad - Part 14

Hello foodies! I hope you all celebrated International women's day with the special women in your life at some interesting place. If not, then go and treat these lovely ladies good food and fine ambience. I'd love to hear your stories of how you celebrated women's day, in the comment section. For those who already […]
True foodies like Joey

10 Signs That You're A True Foodie As Joey Tribbiani

All the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans out there, I know this series has a special place in your heart and so does it's amazing characters. After binge-watching, the complete show, each one of you would have found these characters to be relatable to your own friends. Let's talk about every fan's favourite- Joey Tribbiani. He's been bang […]

Best Dishes In Ahmedabad That You Must Try: Part 12

Another weekend is here and  I know you must be wondering which food joint to hit next. Because being a foodie you can't think of a better getaway when you have a lot of interesting options available. But that list of 'a lot of options' can also confuse you at times and what happens? You […]
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