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Best Cafes in Gandhinagar

What do you do when you need a break from the busy and traffic-filled streets of Ahmedabad? You sit at home- NO NO NO! You rush to the city of Gandhinagar, which is only an hour away and get your hands on the best food and enjoy some relaxing time! Here we bring to you the Best Cafes in Gandhinagar for you to indulge in good food and relax.

Best Cafes in Gandhinagar

Lockdown- Unlock the Food

Haha no- don’t go by the name, you won’t be quarantined here. This cafe is in an excellent location with the most comforting ambiance and food. Lockdown cafe will not disappoint when it comes to its lip-smacking variety of North Indian and fast food.Must-Try: Fusion Sandwiches, BurgersAverage Cost: 800 for two (approx)

Cafes in Gandhinagar| Lockdown- Unlock the Food
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Mocha is the very first truly indigenous and diverse cafe chain in the country, recognized not only because of its menu but also for the unique personal experience it has introduced to 14 outlets in 12 cities to broaden the concept of cafe. It is a casual dining cafe serving Italian, North Indian, and a lot of other variety of delicious cuisines.Must-Try: Spring Roll, Pasta, Lava Lava, Berry BlastAverage Cost: 1,200 for two (approx)

Best Cafes in Gandhinagar| Mocha
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Nukkad Pe

Nukkad Pe is known as Gujarat’s finest freak shake brand. It is one of the best places to have pizza naans and indulge in the most amazing freak shakes.Must-Try: Frizza, Exotic Garlic Bread, Nutella Freakshake, Veg Cheese Pizza Naan.Average Cost: 500 for two (approx)

Best Cafes in Gandhinagar| Nukkad Pe
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Size Zero Cafe and Restro

Size zero connects with the idea of making memories with food. It is pocket-friendly and perfect for lunch and dinner with your family. It is the one place where you won’t just be served food but also have a lot of memories to remember it by! Additionally, it also has its other branches in Gujarat.Must-Try: Monster Garlic Bread, Cold Coffee, Loaded FriesAverage Cost: 450 for 2 (approx)

Good eateries| Size Zero Cafe and Restro
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It is worth the money cafe located in Airport Gandhinagar highway. It is the best place to stop by for a quick bite serving the tastiest burgers. In addition to the amazing food, it also has a very beautiful and comfortable ambiance.Must-Try: Burgers, Desi Paneer Wrap, Pink PastaAverage Cost: 500 for two (approx)

Eateries offering best food| Balista
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