Best Dishes In Ahmedabad - Part 11

Best Dishes In Ahmedabad That You Must Try: Part 11

For every foodie, a weekend matters a lot. It means to relax, have fun and have different varieties of food and to make plans for the next best places and best dishes in Ahmedabad to be tasted upon. So Hungrito is here to make your work easier by providing you with the next part of best dishes in Ahmedabad – part 11. This will help you greatly in giving your taste buds a new taste and also visiting some of the old places which you might not have visited in recent times. Here we have a number of dishes which will surely drool you away and make your week super exciting with some of your favorite dishes. So try out these dishes and we bet you’ll definitely love them.

Best Dishes In Ahmedabad – Part 11

1. Tam Tam Khaman, Das Khaman

2. Bob Marely Sandwich, Mississippi Cafe & Grill

3. Dahipuri, Jagdish Pakodi Centre

4. Chocolate Combustion, Creamistry

5. Salim bhai’s Puff, Salim Ka Burger

6. Thandai Kulfi, Asharfi Kulfi

7. Singoda Paan, Adalaj Stepwell

Best Dishes In Ahmedabad - Part 11
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