Best Dishes In Ahmedabad That You Must Try: Part 8

Hello foodies! Being a foodie we all know the trouble of finding new dishes available in town. But there's always that thought of 'whether this dish will be worth the money? what if it doesn't taste good?' etc. We all have been there, ain't we? That's why we truly value that you should try the dishes that every foodie deserves. Hungrito is here to save you from this troublesome process and set your agenda for this week with ease. Add these 'Best Dishes In Ahmedabad - Part 8' to your bucket list to become the ultimate foodie of Ahmedabad and let us know how did you find it?

Best Dishes In Ahmedabad - Part 8

1.Peri Peri Cheese Fries, Varietea

Peri Peri Cheese Fries | Best Dishes In Ahmedabad
Source: @canonguyy

2. Amdavadi Aloo Masala Sandwich, Freezeland

Amadvadi Aloo Masala | Best Dishes In Ahmedabad - Part 8
Course: @foodframed_

3.  Chocolate Wocolate, Manekchowk

Chocolate Wocolate | Best Dishes In Ahmedba
Source: @3rd.witness

4. Kulfi Falooda, Kailash Parbat

Falooda Kulfi | Best Dishes In Ahmedbad
Source: @himani_joshi

5. Cheese Vadapav, Jay Bhavani

Cheese Vadapav | Best Dishes In Ahmedabad - Part 8
Source: @pinezpple

6. Chocolate Cupcake, The Chocolate Room

Chocolate Cupcake | Best Dishes In Ahmedabad - Part 8
Source: @pia_g18
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