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What better way to spend the weekend other than by just lying on the bed eating a huge hot bowl of noodles and watching movies on the laptop. Momoman is one such place which serves great comfort food. I have been to this place more than I can count and most of the times I get what I want.


I really like bright places and Momoman has a huge glass door and windows so it has a good amount of natural lighting. The interiors are bright yellow which somehow makes me feel really comfy. It has a light music going on and at times it gets a bit noisy and crowded.

Ambiance | Momoman
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It is self-service food joint so it is not big in terms of serving but they serve the food very quickly and I haven’t waited more than 15 minutes for my food ever when I am at Momoman.


This place is as simple as it gets. They serve the entire meal in TO GO boxes accompanied by plates and forks except for the momos. The momos come in a bamboo steamer and that is the right way to serve momos to me. Anything else doesn’t satisfy my momo craving.I ordered a combo which comes with Original Veggie Momos, Hakka Noodles, Ramen and a soft drink and just for sake of trying I also ordered the thousand island dip.


It is one of the few things I have over and over again. The momos are served exactly the way I want, they are piping hot and stuffed with a lot of veggies. The quantity seems enough at first but somehow I am always one momo short. The momos are accompanied by a red chilli sauce and it is really really spicy. To be honest THE SAUCE IS THE REASON WHY I ACTUALLY ORDER THE MOMOS.

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Being an Indian and especially an Amdavadi I have eaten a lot of versions of this very popular dish. I was really happy with the quantity; in fact, we couldn’t finish it. I loved the fact how it was not oily at all and it had a mildly spiced tone which made it perfect. To top it all, it was served in a paper box like they show in the English sitcoms!

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Off lately Ramen has been an obsession for me. I have been following the dish over a lot of social media platforms and I couldn’t resist ordering it. It was basically a lot of veggies and noodles in a really spicy broth. If you are familiar with ramen you would know the broth is the essence of it and it is the thing that matters the most. For those who have had Thukpa at Momoman, this dish is a slightly spicier version of it. I wasn’t really happy with the noodles to veggies ratio, I wanted some more noodles. It was really spicy so think twice before ordering it.

RAMEN | Momoman
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Have you ever eaten ketchup mixed with mayo? Well, I have and it tasted somewhat like that. It didn’t go with anything I ordered and I think it might go with the fried momos but to be honest you can skip this one and save your 15 bucks.

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The food arrived very quickly. The staff is nice but they should work in this department a bit more just to gain perfection. I have a weird request but guys at Momoman can you please provide the classic deep soup spoons with Thukpa and Ramen? The quantity was good and it is fairly priced.Thukpa, Original Veggie Momos are some of my personal favourites at Momoman. Momoman has been around for a while and I feel this is a place which serves good Pan-Asian food. They are definitely one of the best in town when it comes to Momos. They don’t have the desi touch in their food and which is a big positive. Apart from the food, the fact that they are priced very reasonably is the reason behind my frequent visits at Momoman.I WILL BE BACK WITH MORE, HAPPY EATING!Chintan Thakkar aka the tummy man is a bigtime foodie, you can follow his food discoveries here:Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.