There exists a different sort of people, who fall in love with anything and everything that starts with chicken. Are you looking up for a variety of chicken dishes and the places to go to? Chicken Mughlai, Chicken dum biryani, Chicken pasta, Chicken wings, Chicken burger, Chicken momos. Are you one of that non-veg eating person, who loves chicken more than all the non-veg combined food together? I could say, you love those dishes which has chicken in it?

Here are some amazing places with a variety of chicken dishes and the best one you must not leave behind whilst you visit these places.

With a cosy setting and a touch of lovely blue to it, this place will give you a perfect for a sophisticated dinner seating. Order a sweet corn soup for a start and end your meal with this amazing combination of penne, white sauce and chicken. To, make it yummier please ask the waiter to add a bit extra olive oil to the dish.

Must-try dish: Chicken pasta with Alfredo White Sauce