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Best Restaurants To Visit In Sasan Gir

Usually, we’re looking for places outside of Gujarat for a vacation or trip. But ever thought about the incredible places situated within the state? Yess, our state Gujarat is also famous for it’s adventurous trekking spots and vacation spots along with the oh-so-delightful cuisine! One such place is Sasan Gir – one of India’s oldest sanctuaries and a magnificent place to visit! However, if you’re excited for a night safari or morning safari, spotting lions on your way, and other wildlife or myriad bird species, then you’ll absolutely fall in love with Sasan Gir. Also, we’re here to your rescue when it comes to the delectable food choices. Cause we’ve already made a list of some of the best restaurants to visit in Sasan Gir for you!!

Best Restaurants In Sasan Gir

1. Machan Restaurant

Best restaurants in sasan gir| Machan

Machan restaurant is one of the excellent food places in Sasan Gir. This eatery is a part of Club Mahindra resort which offers beautiful outdoor and indoor seating arrangements. Hosting breakfast, lunch, and dinner with all their culinary specialties. It is a wonderful place to enjoy the exquisite mocktail drinks along with the delightful food dishes that are simply spectacular. The eatery also has barbecue that is available outdoors only in the evening.

Location – Club Mahindra Resort
Must-Try Food Dishes –
Baigan Bharta, Bajra Rotlo, Lasun Chutney, Desserts

2. Gir Kathiyawadi Restaurant

Best restaurants in sasan gir

Gir Kathiyawadi restaurant is popular for providing the authentic and scrumptious delightful desi food to their guests. This restaurant is not just nicely build but it also serves mouthwatering food with variety of options.  Additionally, the place offers amazing food, excellent service, and has courteous and friendly staff members.

Location – Sasan-Talala Highway
Must-Try Food Dishes – Bajra Roti, Rice, Buttermilk, Daal, Undhiyu

3. Murlidhar Pratha and Restaurant

Best restaurants in sasan gir| Murlidhar paratha and restaurant
Source: Justdial

Murlidhar Paratha and restaurant is famous for serving tasty and authentic Gujarati meal that has a touch of local essence. You can have stop by for breakfast or an evening snack at this food place. As it is a budget friendly restaurant that does not compromise in taste, quality, and quantity of their food dishes. Their praiseworthy staff members always ensures that their customers are served at their earliest.

Location – Sasan Gir
Must-Try Food Dishes –
Fafda-Jalebi, Gujarati Snack Items, Aamras, Thepla, Poha

4. Flavors Of Forest Restaurant

Best restaurants in Sasan gir| Flavors of forest

Flavors of Forest restaurant is a must-visit place while you are visiting Sasan Gir. A great place that serves multiple cuisines at very reasonable rates where the staff is polite, helpful, and friendly. If you are obsessed with the delicacies of Punjabi and Gujarati cuisines then you should try the tasty meals that the restaurant serves. It has a superb ambience with well-done and pleasing interiors. Additionally, this food joint also gives you the option of packed breakfast meals. In case, if you want to leave for a morning safari and running short of time to relish the morning snacks.

Location – Bhal-Chhel Haripur Road
Must-Try Food Dishes –
Aloo Paratha, Veg Kadhai, Paneer Handi, Naan, Kathiyawadi Thali, Raita, Tomato Soup

5. Swadesh Restaurant

Must-visit food places| Swadesh restaurant
Source: TripAdvisor

Swadesh restaurant presents the unique flavors  of Indian food with the best of local cuisines. This food joint is famous for offering distinctive dining experiences, beautiful heritage, dedicated staff members, and lovely classy ambience with good services. Gladly, this eatery also serves authentic recipes along with a refreshing twist and the modern culinary techniques. If you wanna feel the spirit of rural Gujarat, then you must not forget to visit this gorgeous restaurant.

Location – Sasan-Talala Road
Must-Try Food Dishes –
Gujarati Thali, Daal Khichdi, Gaajar Ka Halwa, Basundi, Sev Tameta Nu Shaak

This list of best restaurants to visit in Sasan Gir will be of great help to you when you’re traveling to this adventurous place.
Now that you’re visiting this appealing place with your friends or family, here’s a list of everything you can do!!

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