Wellness is associated with happiness! So, how about being happy the whole day after relishing a leisurely breakfast? Enjoying the morning glory with the delightful South Indian breakfast is something that nobody would deny. Isn’t it? Let’s face it, that nothing beats the aroma of these flavorful food items.
Now, what if someone asks you to choose a dish out of these – spongy idlis, buttery dosas, crispy appam, crunchy meduvadas, and gooey upma or uttapam? Ummm, it’s a tough choice it seems! But we are sure that you cannot say no for any of these delicious dishes for your breakfast. Therefore, we’re here with a list of sensational South Indian breakfast dishes for you.

South Indian Dishes

1. Rava Idli

Delicious morning meals| idli
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The soft and fluffy rava idli or semolina idli can be made instantly which is a healthy breakfast option. It is also an ideal morning breakfast that tastes better with the flavorful chutney or a bowl of tasty sambar. Prepare these hassle free idlis a home for your morning breakfast and save your time to sip a cup of coffee before work!
Do you know that you can also make oats idli, sabudana idli, ragi idli, semiya idli, and idiyappam too?
Places in Ahmedabad where you get the best spongy Idlis

  • Mr. and Mrs. Idly
  • Kameshwari Idli Wada Centre

2. Masala Dosa

Apetizing meals for breakfast| Masala dosa
Source: spbandi.com

Trust us, you would only want to relish this wholesome breakfast as it’s scrumptious and a famous South Indian dish. The super crisp masala dosa is made from the batter of lentils and rice. It’s crispy texture and the softness of the savory potato filling is just mouth-watering! Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and tell us how delightful your experience was.
You can also make rava dosa, neer dosa, onion and rava dosa, mysore masala dosa, cheese dosa and many more! Tempting, isn’t it?
Places in Ahmedabad where you get the best buttery Dosas

  • Vishal Roothraj Dosa Centre
  • Bombay Street Cafe
  • Sankalp
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3. Medu Vada

South Indian dishes| Medu vada
Source: Zomato

Would you not like to enjoy your morning meal that is crispy, fluffy, and tempting? Yes, we are talking about the delightful and crunchy meduvadas that goes very well with coconut chutney, mint coriander chutney, or sambar. Wondering on what to do with that left over sanbar? If yes, then make some tasty medu vadas, dip them in a bowl of sambar, and enjoy!
Places in Ahmedabad where you get the best crunchy Vadas

  • Radhika’s Authentic South Indian Food
  • Kameshwari Idli Wada Centre

4. Upma

South Indian dishes| Upma
Source: vegrecipesofindian.com

Upma is one of the easiest and favorable breakfast recipes for most of the people. It is also an instant food dish made with semolina. The fluffy, gooey, and delectable upma is full of bursting flavors. Ginger, curry leaves, green chilies, cumin seeds, roasted lentils, and nuts adds more flavors to its deliciousness! To all the health freaks out there, you’ll be happy to know that you can also add your favorite vegetables into it and make it more healthier.
Places in Ahmedabad where you get the best gooey Upma

  • Southern India
  • Mr. and Mrs Idly

5. Uttapam

South Indian dishes| Uttapam
Source: Zomato

Uttapam is a South Indian pancake made from common rice and urad daal. This batter can also be used in making the idli or dosa. You can make this appetizing uttapam in just 20 minutes, if you prepare the batter in advance! Top this sour pancake or uttaoam with all your favorite veggies like onion, tomato, green chili, carrot, or capsicum. It proves to be even more healthier and tastier. Also, if you are a cheese fan then you can garnish it and relish it like a pizza uttapam!
Places in Ahmedabad where you get the best Uttapam

  • Dakshinayan
  • Food Station
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6. Moong Daal Dosa

South Indian dishes| Moong daal dosa
Source: cookingshooking/ Youtube

Are you someone who is fond of crepes? Then you are going to love the moong daal dosa. This protein packed and flavorsome dish is also popular as moong daal chilla or pesarattu. It is a super easy dish to make as the batter does not need any fermentation unlike the regular or traditional dosa batter. So, it does save your time too! Interesting no?

Play up the South like never before and kick start your day with these delectable South Indian breakfast dishes! Also, tell us which of these food dishes are your favorite.

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