11 Food Items From School Days To Make You Nostalgic!

Along with the onset of summer, comes an onslaught of memories from school. Mainly, memories like the blistering hot classrooms, the distracting windows, the after-school games and much more. But, the best of all is the food items from the school days. The thelas just out of the gates served the best solution for hunger. […]

Ice Dishes With Crafty Flavors At ICYKRAFT, Sindhu Bhavan Road

Hello Foodies! Welcome the Art you can make out of ice to fulfill your summer cravings. Here is a destination for kids, family and youngsters to join in together. Experience a fusion of different flavors at ICYKRAFT. Here’s a group of youngsters, finding a way to serve icy flavors to beat up the summer heat. […]

Have You Tried This 6 Indian Fusion Dishes?

Are you bored of eating the same old food every day? Want to try something new, something exciting? We have made this list just for you! These 6 fusion dishes take your favorite cuisines from around the world and give it an Indian twist. For all the foodies who love experimenting with food but can’t […]

Cuppucino Cafe, Sindhu Bhavan Road – A New Place With New Delicacies.

For all the food lovers out there, If you want to have something new then, here is good news. The Cuppucino cafe has now a new outlet at Sindhu Bhavan Road. And with a new branch, they’ve come up with some never-seen-before kind of items and trust me! you’ll fall in love with the kind […]

5 summer fruits for a wholesome season!

Raising temperature has its own adverse effects. Dehydration, sunburn and heatstroke are just a few of them. So, How to survive this scorching heat and the blazing sun? Here are some changes you could make in your diet, a list of healthy summer fruits and its benefits to make this heat bearable. Watermelon: Ain’t it […]

10 Refreshing Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat

As summer is approaching us, we already feel exhausted by it’s heat but there are some amazing summer drinks which can help us in tackling the scorching summer in a cool way! Here’s a list of the summer drinks which you might have definitely missed the whole year and now is the time to have […]

La Patron Cafe – Where a Foodie can Dine like a Boss…

Beautiful ambiance of the eatery

Located on one of the busiest roads of Ahmedabad, La Patron Cafe is indeed worth it. The Main aim of the Aura that their ambience creates is that their customer is a Boss and the service they’ll provide is that of how a Boss/Emperor eats. The Tagline says “The Emperor’s Food Pallet” And Trust me, […]

8 Authentic Chinese Restaurants In Ahmedabad

Chinese cuisine is one of the favorite cuisines for everyone. Here, in Ahmedabad, we find both the types of Chinese that are Authentic Chinese and Indian Chinese. There are various options such as Schezwan rice, Schezwan noodles, triple fried rice, but the most preferred dish among these is Manchurian gravy and fried rice…Aahhh! And sometimes Hakka Noodles […]

A Place For Pure Cheese Bliss – Cuppuccino Cafe Ahmedabad

For all the cheese lovers out there, if you really want to have something cheesy like cheese in every dish, then you must visit Cuppuccino Café before you feel it is too late to have cheese. But on a serious note, this café is definitely a must visit if you want to literally feel pure […]