A number of people have recommended this place to me. Many of my friends have visited this cafe and surprisingly all of them had a very satisfactory experience. Now to be honest when I hear too many good things about a place I get a bit skeptical. I wasn’t really sure about this cafe as I was prepared to be disappointed. They have a vast menu and so I gave it a shot just around dinner time with a back up planned TopRamenCurry. Usually, cafes are never really a good fit for a heavy dinner but Cafe Baraco, Ahmedabad is an exception.


The place is just amazing. It is decorated wonderfully. They have gone all out with the interiors and you can find a lot of weird stuff written and hanging from the wall, for instance, they have a cycle hanging over the mocktail counter. It also has live music. The singer was pretty good and I had a good time. The seating spaces are very different and some of them might be uncomfortable but they are bearable. At a point, I did feel my table was a bit small but it made little difference as it is super crowded. However, this crowd gives the entire place a very peppy and a cheerful vibe. It is a perfect place to hang out with friends but if you are looking to sit down and have a nice conversation you can skip this place.


When the sign says cafe you don’t expect the meal to be so heavy and filling. after giving it a lot of thought we decided to order the Cheese Chili Fries, Special Lemonade, Sunset Paradise Mocktail, Thai Bowl and the Golden Gate Burger. We also had the Tiramisu. I was impressed by how they presented the dishes and the prices on the menu did somehow make sense.  Within no time our food was on our table and we were quite happy with everything we got.


This was recommended by the staff member who was taking our order. This mocktail didn’t disappoint at all. If you like a bit of sweet, salty and a thick texture to your mocktail you will definitely love it. I was really impressed by the quantity it was enough to last for the entire meal.

Cafe Baraco, Ahmedabad
Source: Chintan Thakkar

This drink was really good. It had the right amount of everything. It had the perfect amount of acidity and oddly satisfying pink color. I love the fact that it wasn’t too sweet or too tangy. It perfectly complimented the French fries we ordered. This is something you should try.

Cafe Baraco, Ahmedabad
Source: Chintan Thakkar

If you love French fries like I do, it is very likely that you have been disappointed time and again. A lot of food joints have tried to make this simple dish with their own twist but not many have succeeded. Thank god Cafe Baraco isn’t one of them. These fries were really good and I mean it. It was a perfect amount of spicy and tangy. I would have loved it even more if they were a bit more generous with the cheese. The quantity was astonishingly good.

Cafe Baraco, Ahmedabad
Source: Chintan Thakkar

Now when you order Thai Bowl you expect a plate full of rice and a curry beside it but this was served in a bowl full of curry and rice added to it from the top. When I saw it, I was not at all happy. But from the moment I tasted it, I just couldn’t stop eating. It was creamy, mildly spicy and it went perfectly with the plain rice they served. The quantity was not as good as the other dishes but it wasn’t disappointing. I loved this dish. It had big chunks of paneer in it which was shocking but it did taste really good. This is definitely not your ordinary plate of Thai Curry and Rice but it is definitely good.

Cafe Baraco, Ahmedabad
Source: Chintan Thakkar

This dish was not disappointing at all but at the same time, it was the weakest dish of all. It was not very huge but a fairly sized burger which had a regular patty, some veggies, and a cheese slice. Still, it was served with a good amount of fries, mayonnaise, and ketchup. Everything worked really nicely together but to be honest it was just a burger. I don’t have anything special to say about it. Frankly, I have had better burgers.

Cafe Baraco, Ahmedabad
Source: Chintan Thakkar

I have not had a good Tiramisu in a while and this was no different. It had been so long that I had actually forgotten what a Tiramisu tastes like. To be honest I was expecting to be disappointed. It did have the bittersweet flavor but it was a bit dry and lacked the creamy texture. I would say it was a good dessert but it did not end my search for a good bowl of Tiramisu.

Cafe Baraco, Ahmedabad
Source: Chintan Thakkar

Our food was there in no time and I personally loved the service. They were quick, polite and really helpful. The whole setting just works really nicely and I loved the atmosphere. It is a perfect hangout spot, especially late at night. Cafe Baraco, Ahmedabad has been at the tip of every tongue. It has a lot of hype built around it. However, they are just a few steps away from becoming the perfect cafe. I had a great dining experience and I had fun the entire time I was there. This is a place you must check out at least once.


Chintan Thakkar
Author: Chintan Thakkar

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