Classy and dynamic – The Golden Plate

TUMMY MAN RATING: 8.2/10 I and my family were actively involved in the recent wedding season. Fed up with the constant supply of cliché dishes we needed to have something different. After a prolonged discussion and an extensive Zomato search we settled on the Golden Plate. It turned out to be a great pick as it was a perfect blend of Indian and World cuisines.

THE PLACE Golden Plate is decorated much like Ranveer Singh. It has a prominent use of color golden, every corner of the restaurant stands out and most importantly it makes a strong statement. However much to my relief it wasn’t tacky or overwhelming for the eyes. It has a really calm atmosphere and a considerable spacious seating arrangement. The comfy chairs and large tables make your dining experience much more relaxed. The décor is picture perfect and I won’t mind having full family dinner over here.

THE SERVICE All of us were really satisfied with the attention we got. From the moment we gave our car in valet parking to the time we settled our bill the staff was really helpful and went an extra mile for our comfort. The entire staff was very polite and one thing that really stood out during my visit was that the manager taking note of my suggestions after I handed over the feedback form. Having said all this, the staff does need to work on knowing its menu in detail and suggesting the right combination of dishes to the diners. The restaurant has a really dynamic menu and according to me the servers need to be more aware about the dishes as compared to the normal threshold.

THE ORDER Ordering from a versatile menu such as this is always a tough task. Confusion and excitement come free with the menu card and this is not a complain but on the contrary it is a compliment. We decided to stick with a few basics but also we gave their specialties a shot. We ordered the Broccoli Almond Soup, Malai Cheese Broccoli, Dal Makhani Fondue, Sicilian Risotto and courtesy of my food blogging an on the house dessert which was Brownie with Dark Belgium Chocolate Ice Cream.

THE FOOD The food was on our table before we knew it. I loved how they timed the starters and the main course dishes. It gave us enough time to enjoy our meal. However I would love if they worked a bit more on their presentation.BROCCOLI ALMOND SOUP: As mentioned before this soup is a family favorite and it cannot go wrong. This bowl of soup was close to a perfect. I really loved the creamy texture of the soup and the generous quantity of the almonds. It was served at the perfect drinking temperature but I prefer my soup piping hot. However this is really more of a personal choice. All in all it was a good and comforting bowl of soup.MALAI CHEESE BROCCOLI: I was really excited to taste this dish. Broccoli goes with a lot of things sadly malai isn’t one of them. This wasn’t a bad dish but the flavors didn’t work for me that well. This was the most ordinary dish of the lot we ordered. I wouldn’t order it again but it doesn’t mean it was inedible.DAL MAKHANI FONDUE: When I tasted this dish I felt like I made a really great decision ordering it. Everyone on the table loved it including my 3 years old niece. Unlike lot of popular dishes this dish lived up to its hype and it is definitely a must have. The Dal was made perfectly and the cheese sauce on the top took it to the next level. The barbequed mushrooms and paneer with bread rolls went perfectly with the fondue. This dish was nothing short of AWESOME.(TIP: If you are just two people visiting this place order the fondue and then later order an Indian rice preparation. Trust me you will have enough food to satisfy all your hunger.)SICILIAN RISOTTO: For me risotto has to be a perfect balance of creaminess, cheese and seasoning. This risotto was good but it missed the bull’s eye by a few inches. This dish did seemed ordinary compared to the dishes we ordered but it was satisfactory.BROWNIE WITH DARK BELGIUM CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM: This desert was amazing. It had a piece of freshly made brownie and it was accompanied by my favorite Dark Belgium Chocolate ice cream. All of this was served in a cocktail glass and then instantly frozen by Nitrogen. This dessert is a must try and it is the perfect ending to whatever meal you have had. For me it was the winner for the evening.

THE EXIT I was really happy with the meal and the service however I wasn’t really impressed by the prices. I really liked the Dessert and the Fondue but rest of the dishes were somewhat ordinary.The entire meal cost us around 1200 bucks but considering the fact that the dessert was on the house this place is not exactly economical. This place is the kind of place you would like to visit to try new dishes. However this can turn out to be a boon or a curse you never know. Hey folks!! Thanks for reading. Hungrito is now up with an initiative to post the articles of food bloggers. We will give you a platform to publish your work and spread your love for food with the foodies around. You can contact us on Facebook, Instagram or whatsApp and contribute your work.This article is written by Tummy Man. He writes reviews about the restaurants their food, service , ambience and much more.Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.