Coffee: Its Consumption and health benefits!

Coffee consumption is high in trend. Do you ever give it a thought, “what is the exact amount of caffeine content required for your body?”The miracle ingredient which helps you kick start your metabolism of the body present in coffee is after all caffeine. the body requires only 4.5 mg of caffeine. Usually, most of the pre-workout drinks consist of caffeine as a major component. Rather than consuming various energy drinks, one can start with a healthy diet that helps them boost their athletic performance.People drinking four or more cups of coffee per day are more likely to be current smokers and prefer instant coffee over filtered one. Whereas, the people who drink one to three cups of coffee are likely to report a form of ‘excellent’ health.

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There are several health benefits of coffee consumption. They are as follows:1. It is full of antioxidants and chemical compounds that help the body fight the damage done to DNA. 2. It helps to reduce inflammation in the body, thereby improving the usage of insulin. 3. It functions effectively to recover the body from various heart-related diseases. 4. It protects against diseases such as liver cancer and Parkinson’s diseaseEverything consumed in a limited quantity has benefits, but in excess gives a negative impact. Thus, there are no added benefits of drinking more coffee than one’s usual consumption.

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