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Different Types Of Milk and Why You Should Try Them

Are you someone who loves incorporating various types of flavoured beverages in your diet? Or are you fond of culinary milk delights? But also confused about which milk to include in your diet? Worry not! As we are here to your rescue. We have catalogued different types of milk and why you should try them. These rich and creamy textured milk are packed with several nutrients, quality protein, and minerals. It will definitely help you choose the best one when you next make your delicious breakfast, delectable smoothies, a hot mug of coffee, or mouth-watering sweets. The trend of consuming these varieties of milk or milk alternatives is increasing. So, why not follow this healthy trend?

Almond Milk

different types of milk and why you should try them| Almond milk
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Almond Milk is excellent plant-based milk. It is made from filtered almonds and water. This naturally dairy and lactose-free milk consist of several nutrients. It is a natural source of vitamin – E which is a disease-fighting antioxidant. The unsweetened varieties of almond milk are more beneficial as it is low in sugar. You can always opt for a glass or can of the almond milk that is unflavoured and fortified with calcium and vitamin D to reap its benefits.

Buffalo Milk

different types of milk and why you should try them| Buffalo milk
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This high nutritional milk is a creamy dairy product. Buffalo milk has plenty of vitamins and minerals and is higher in fats as well as proteins. There are multiple health benefits of this milk such as it provides a high amount of calcium which may be helpful in improving the bone health. It is rich in bioactive compounds which promotes heart health due to the high potassium content present in it. It also consists of higher antioxidant properties.

Coconut Milk

different types of milk and why you should try them| Coconut milk
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This recently popular milk can be a tasty alternative to cow’s milk. Coconut milk is made from the fruits of the coconut tree. It has a thick or thin consistency which is derived from the white flesh of mature brown coconuts. The rich and creamy textured milk is a good source of various vitamins and nutrients and is also a high-calorie food. It helps in reducing inflammation and aids in fighting the viruses and bacteria that cause infection. Coconut milk can also be helpful for people having normal or high cholesterol levels. The delicious milk is fondly used in the traditional cuisines around the world.

Cow Milk

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Cow milk is one of the most popular dairy staples for many people. It is a whole food which offers 18 essential nutrients. This rich in calcium and iron food may be helpful in improving the weight and bone density in children and reduces the risk of childhood fractures. One would feel fuller after consuming this milk and it eventually leads to appetite control. Cow milk also aids in improving the bone health and dental health due to the potassium and magnesium present in it. The milk proteins in it improve the blood sugar levels of our body which is profitable for preventing type 2 diabetes.

Lactose-Free Milk

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A glass of milk which triggers your digestive distress or if you are intolerant to dairy products then lactose-free milk can come to your rescue. It is a milk product which is an alternative of any regular milk which nearly has the same nutrient profile, texture, and taste. The milk consists of fine sources like calcium, phosphorous, and vitamins B12 and D. People who are intolerant to lactose would be able to digest this milk easily. It has a sweeter flavour than regular milk and is produced from the cow’s milk.

Oat Milk

Several flavored beverages| Oat milk
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The plant-based beverage is becoming incredibly popular due to its unique and delicious taste. People who have allergies or intolerance can definitely consider oat milk as their best friend. This milk substitute it dairy-free, nut-free, and vegan-friendly. It is a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fibres. Oat milk is high in soluble fibres which benefits the heart and may help in lowering the blood pressure. It also provides various nutrients that promote bone health and are low in allergens and irritants.

Soy Milk

benefits of dairy foods| Soy milk
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Soy milk is plant-based milk which works as an alternative to the dairy milk. This non-dairy beverage consists of a healthful nutritional profile. It is made from soybeans – the incredible, edible beans which have nine essential amino acids. Soy milk is a good source of protein and has a balance of carbohydrates and fats. This rich and creamy textured milk can also be heart-protective due to the plant compounds present in the soybeans. It is advisable to consume the unsweetened soymilk. If you want a little flavour in your milk, you can opt for unsweetened vanilla soy milk. The milk can also be fortified with various vitamins and minerals.Which of these milk would you like to add into your delicious meals? Do tell us your favourite milk flavour from these different types of milk and why you should try them.

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