Dishes you can’t miss in Ahmedabad

Dishes you can’t miss in Ahmedabad-Week 3

Lets eat first, then everything else.

With delicious widespread choices in street food, to special cuisines in restaurants found in every corner of the city, you can almost immerse yourself in this city of food! So here are 5 dishes you cannot miss this week.1. Lemon Iced Tea by Cafe Where We Meet happens, Tea helps. Iced tea is here for rescue. With best flavors of tea leaves and mint leaves served biting chilled.2. Puff Pasta Bucket by Puffiza Gorge onto creamy pasta with a puff pastry base combined with olives, pepper and cheese. An amazing treat with a mouthwatering taste.3. Cheese Pouch by Brick Kitchen appetizing treat for all cheese lovers. Perfect combination of cheesiness and crunchiness stuffed with juicy veggies.4. Masala Grill Pizza by VarieTea traditional pizza that is grilled and crispy with deliciously charred onions and mozzarella. Just irresistable.5. Fudge Brownie Shake by Mocha combination of Brownies and Fudgy Chocolate Ganache. This shake is heavenly delightful!These are the dishes we have for this week. Do let us know if there are other dishes that you liked in ahmedabad.To know more about this awesome city and the life of Hungrito in the city follow us on Facebook, Instagram.

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