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Have You Tried This 6 Indian Fusion Dishes?

Are you bored of eating the same old food every day? Want to try something new, something exciting? We have made this list just for you! These 6 fusion dishes take your favorite cuisines from around the world and give it an Indian twist. For all the foodies who love experimenting with food but can't […]

10 Refreshing Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat

As summer is approaching us, we already feel exhausted by it's heat but there are some amazing summer drinks which can help us in tackling the scorching summer in a cool way! Here's a list of the summer drinks which you might have definitely missed the whole year and now is the time to have […]

7 Home Bakers Turned Professionals In Ahmedabad - Part 2

7 Baking doesn't get old no matter in which era we live. We speak one language through this hobby! The transformation from simple vanilla and chocolate homemade cakes to designer cakes to cupcakes, popsicle and much more. We’re always on the lookout for the new voices that inspire, inform and influence the baking community. I […]

Cafes In Thaltej That Are Worth Visiting - 2

Ahmedabad is the hot box for new and upcoming cafes with people looking for tasty treats. And Thaltej, being the most nearest to much happening S.g Highway is the latest center of attraction for the cafe lovers. In short here is the updated list with the latest and most happening cafes in and around Thaltej. […]
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6 Food Items To Make Your Lohri Complete.

Lohri is a popular winter time Punjabi folk festival, celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus. The importance about the Lohri festival are many, Lohri marks the end of winter season, and is a traditional welcome of longer days and sun's journey to the northern hemisphere by Sikhs and Hindus of India, on 13 January. India being […]

Amazing Food Festivals, Offers & New Menu In Ahmedabad

As I have come across another amazing Food fest, offers & new menu in Ahmedabad which I think going to be excellent news for foodies of Ahmedabad, so putting up it all together! Food Fest: 1. Coromandal - The Coastal Food Festival: Where: Timapani, Radisson Blu When: Sep 20th to Sep 30th, 2018 Time: (Dinner […]

Noodles - The Perfect Curvy Life

We all have a special relationship with noodles. It’s no secret many Asian people love eating noodles more than anything else, especially when you are in India, Maggi Noodles is love (and the national noodles of the country). Instant Noodles are basically pre-cooked and dried noodles processed using flavoring powder and seasoning oil. The noodles […]

11 Current And Upcoming Food Festivals In Ahmedabad

A good news for all the big time foodies! As there are many upcoming and currently going on food festivals in Ahmedabad, I thought to share about a list of these food festivals which will definitely help you in planning your next week by bingeing at these delicious and unique food festivals in Ahmedabad. 1. […]

Veganism - A Way To Promote More Humane & Caring World

Hello foodies, so after a long break, I'm back again with a different topic. Maybe only a few of you might be aware of the topic which I have given described in the blog and the topic is Veganism. What Is Veganism? Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, or poultry. Vegans, in addition to being vegetarian, […]
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7 Theme Based Places In Ahmedabad

Hello foodies, wassup? So today I'm here to tell something interesting about the cafes in Ahmedabad which are unique in one way or the other be it the concept, ambiance, food that makes it unique from the rest of the cafes. Most of the cafes will be known to you but still, we would like […]

10 Long Lost Forgotten Restaurants of Ahmedabad

Not an ages before but 7-8yrs down the line when Ahmedabad, not yet home to new, fancy and extremely cool restaurants. Nowadays there are so many restaurants to choose from that we have forgotten our roots – the names of all those who once triumphed and brought us out of the dark ages! Some of […]
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Foodie's Day Out Experience At Kensville Golf Living

From time to time it's good to escape the city life and spend some quality time with your loved ones and especially with yourself. Because a good life is not just eating healthy meals every day, work and earn money. It'll help you to get relaxed and boost your mind to focus important thing at work. Considering […]
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