We’ve brought you the list of the most popular cartoon characters and their favorite food dishes to take you on a walk down the memory lane.

When we think about our childhood, the first thing that comes to our mind is some amazing cartoon characters that made us love them more and more and how can we forget the times when they made us crave for their favorite dishes.

1. Popeye And His Spinach

Foodie Cartoon Characters| Popeye| Spinach

Remember the time when he used to sing these lines and make us feel like eating this can full of spinach?

I’m strong to the finich ,cause I eats me spinach. I’m Popeye the Sailor Man.

2. Sinchan And His Pudding

Foodie Cartoon Characters| Sinchan| Pudding

Sinchan’s love for this pudding clearly made us feel like having this and make some crazy moves like him.

3. Chhota Bheem And His Love For Laddoos

Foodie Characters| Chhota Bheem| Laddus

Dil ka ye rangin khane ki machine
Laddo ka sokheen
Bheem, bheem, bheem
Chhota bheem, chhota bheem….

Laddoos are something that we eat normally in various festivals and events but Chhota Bheem reminded us to eat more of them, more often.

4. Scooby’s Snack And Shaggy’s Stacked Sandwich

Foodie Cartoon Characters| Scooby Doo| Scooby Snacks

Remember the sparkle in Scooby’s eyes when he sees the box full of Scooby Snacks!

Cartoon Characters| Shaggy| Stacked Sandwich

We bet you also felt like grabbing this stacked sandwich at times

5. Doraemon’s Dora Cakes

Foodie Cartoon Characters| Doraemon| Dora Cakes



Watching Doraemon eating yummy and fluffy Dora cakes, we also felt the urge to go and grab on of those.

6. Kung Fu Panda And 103 Dumplings

Foodie Cartoon Characters| Kung Fu Panda| Dumplings

Everyone definitely had the dream of competing with a friend to eat those 103 delicious dumplings and slamming the table like a boss!

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7. Garfield And His Love For Lasagna

Foodie Cartoon Characters| Garfield| Lasagne

We all loved the lazy, lasagna scoffing and Monday loathing cat and how he made us crave for the pan full of lasagna.

8. Minions And Banana

Foodie Cartoon Character| Minion| Banana

The moment when everyone around us is thinking about stress, love and relationship and here minions are like ‘banana’. Though this fruit is something we usually eat, these minions and their love for bananas made us love them more and more.

9. Jerry And Cheese Cubes

Cartoon Food Character| Jerry| Cheese

We bet you’d have thought of eating those cheese cubes and turning into one just like this!

10. Ben Tennyson’s Smoothie From Ben 10

Cartoon Foodie Character| Ben 10| Smoothie

Ben 10 lovers always thought of having these smoothies and how can we  Mr.smoothie from Omniverse!

11. Bugs Bunny And His Love For Carrots

Foodie Cartoon Characters| Bugs Bunny| Carrots

Every one of us as a child did not like vegetables much but Bugs Bunny was the one who made us eat at least one vegetable.

12. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles And Amazing Pizzas

Cartoon Characters| Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles| Pizza

Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.

13. Winnie The Pooh And His Love For Honey

Foodie Cartoon Characters| Winnie the Pooh| Honey

I wasn’t going to eat it, I was just going to Taste it.

Every time we saw him eating honey we also wanted to dip our fingers and lick it till the end.

14. Oswald And Ice Cream Truck

Cartoon Characters| Oswal| Ice Cream Truck

The beautiful ice cream cones from the famous ice cream truck always fascinated us to go and grab one of those.

15. Simpson And His Donuts

Foodie Cartoon Characters| Mr. Simpson| Doughnuts

Seeing Simpson eating his favorite donuts we also felt that,

Donuts! Is there something that they can’t do?

So share these with all your friends and if you feel that we’ve missed any of iconic cartoon characters then do comment on our socials to draw our attention to that!

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