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Fascinating Facts About Tea

Hello dear chai enthusiasts, We hope you’re reading this while sipping chai from your tea cup! If not, then rush to your kitchen and make yourself a cuppa tea, come back, and read. How about a nice cup of classic aadrak wali chai or a cup of the flavorful green tea? The plan sounds amazing, right? Yes, some flavorsome tea is never ever a bad idea indeed! This beloved beverage has some of the most interesting facts that we bet, you’d love to know about. Hence, we’re here with a list of the fascinating facts about tea.

1. Tea Is Good For You

2. Tea Is The Second Most Consumed Beverage On The Planet – After Water!

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3. There Are Around 3000 Different Types Of Tea

4. Tea Is Associated With Good Health

Fascinating Facts About Tea| Tea or chai

5. Green Tea Is Considered A  Super food

6. It Takes Around 2000 Tiny Leaves To Make Just One Pound Of Finished Tea

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7. Too Much Of It Is Indeed Dangerous

8. All Teas Come from the Same Species of Tree

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9. Globally, We Produce Over 3 Million Tons Of Tea

10. Tea Was So Valuable In The 18th Century That It Was Kept In a Locked Chest – Which We Now Call A Tea Caddy

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11. Darjeeling Is The “Champagne Of Tea” – As Like Champagne, It All Comes From  A Specific Region

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We’ll be happy to know if you loved these fascinating facts about tea. Also, tell us if you know more of these interesting facts of our beloved beverage – Chai/Tea!

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