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The Shake Maker

The Shake Maker - A Heaven For All The Shake Lovers

I can't deny the fact that Milkshakes hold a special place in my heart and more special place in my stomach. I'm never too full to have milkshakes, there is always some space and love left for them. And whenever I crave for shakes, I find myself in The Shake Maker outlet. This place is […]
Celebrate This Women's Day Foodie Style

Celebrate This Women's Day Foodie Style

Women's Day is a worldwide celebration of the spirit of womanhood, women's innumerable achievements and struggles and a day to salute the selfless journey of every woman. Take a minute and imagine your life without your Maa, Grandma, Wife, Sister or Daughter. Can you imagine? I hope not.  Every single life is incomplete without the presence of […]

Hungrito Blogger's Connect At Tiger Bay, Ahmedabad

Hungrito Blogger's Connect was organized at Tiger Bay, Ahmedabad. It catered to many influential local foodies invited exclusively for sharing experiences. 35 bloggers were invited to the meetup. The event was all about spending quality time together, have food, clicking pictures and sharing their amazing journey with food. Hungrito Blogger's Connect So as the event started, […]

6 Places To Eat In Ahmedabad To Start Your Year With Tasty Treats

Hello Hungryheads! I hope that your Christmas was on point and grand. I know you must've started searching for the places Places that you can visit to start your year with some amount of deliciousness. That's why we're here to make this task a bit easier. We've handpicked 6 Places To Eat In Ahmedabad this new […]
Best Places For Perfect Pasta In Ahmedabad

The 7 Best Places For Perfect Pasta In Ahmedabad

“Eat Pasta and Run Fasta” Hello, wassup, Kem chho foodies in Ahmedabad! Planning a Saturday dinner or Sunday brunch with buddies and still not decided which place to explore? Well, here we have shortlisted a few places which serve really the best Pasta in Ahmedabad that’ll leave you licking your fingers good! But not to […]
late night food delivery in ahmedabad- cover image

7 Best Late Night Food Delivery Places in Ahmedabad To Try

Are you one of those who stays up late in the night? Then you definitely know the pain of those midnight craving and ending up eating Maggi or chips. But in this era of Zomato and Swiggy, maggi is no more our last resort. There are many places that deliver steaming hot food right to […]

Ahmedabad's Top Dessert Places To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

The first bite of our favorite dessert, and we go like, 'Mogambo Khush Hua". Yeh toh hum sabki kahaani hai, hai na? A lot of people experience sweet tooth and we're already craving a gooey dessert dish, so we thought why not share Ahmedabad's top dessert places with you all? Ahmedabad's Top Dessert Places For […]
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