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Top 5 Places For Garlic Bread In Ahmedabad

Garlic tastes best with almost every dish. Its aroma is gripping and would lure to eat more and more from the plate. Garlic Bread is one of those delicacies that speaks directly to your taste buds. Pizza order kariye, toh Garlic Bread toh jode joie j, shu kehvu? Even apart from being an accompaniment to […]

Best Instagrammable Food Places In Ahmedabad

All of us have that one friend who keeps on clicking pictures whenever we visit a new place in town. Who are we kidding, all of us are busy snapping pictures, isn't it? In this Instagram era, almost everything is worth posting on a story. We click pictures of both food and ambiance. Now, if […]

6 Different Kinds Of Fries You Can Try In Ahmedabad

We don't believe in Fries Before Guys. We believe in Fries before Everyone Else!It is our mantra for the foodie life. Now, who doesn’t like french fries? For the love of food, every cafe is coming up with innovative flavors and kinds of fries. Apart from being a side dish, french fries are now available […]

Top 10 Sandwiches Under ₹ 249 In Ahmedabad

Joey does not share sandwiches!!!And each one of us is Joey when it comes to this go-to snack. Be it sudden cravings or hunger pangs, all we look for is sandwiches. Sandwiches are available at every next corner in Ahmedabad. Above all, there is a huge variety of flavors coming up every now and then. […]

Best Samosa Places In Ahmedabad

One thing you cannot resist is your love for some hot samosas, chutney, and chai. What makes us go drooling is how such a food dish made from simple ingredients, when cooked together, makes yummy irresistible triangular pockets that we love. Nowadays, there are a variety of modifications made to the simple samosa. From normal […]

10 Best Dishes Under ₹100 In Ahmedabad

Yo bro, who got you smiling like that? THIS;‘10 Best Dishes Under ₹100 In Ahmedabad.’It’s month-end, aur bahar ke khaane ki cravings ho rahi hai. Such a massive food crisis! Do you want to eat something delicious but cannot spend hefty amounts at a cafe? Do not worry anymore! Ahmedabad ma khavanu na male evu […]

Top 5 Places For Softy Ice Cream In Ahmedabad

‘Yaar kaik sweet khavu che’.‘Chalo pastry khai aaiye.’‘Na etli bhookh bhi nathi.’‘Toh toh ek j solution che boss.’“Softy? Softy.” Softy is a foodie’s way of saying,” Okay? Okay.” Softy is the perfect dessert option for every season. It is a delightful sight and a wholesome treat. There are innumerable flavors available, and every flavor is […]

Top 6 Places For Thick Shakes In Ahmedabad

How is a thick shake prepared? It is prepared with dollops of chocolate and cream, infused with sweetness and heaven, and garnished with little surprises. Just the first sip of the shake is enough to make us go like, ‘Jeene laga hoon, pehle se zyada..’. You do relate, don’t you? Well, foodie enthusiasts, baat nikli […]

Top 10 Burger Places In Ahmedabad

‘Yaar burger nai khaadhu ghana time thi, Aaje college pachi jaie”. A burger is actually a hunger savior. It is the perfect food dish when you are hungry,  but not too hungry. It is a fulfilling meal that soothes our taste buds and satisfies our cravings too. We’re always in search of new burger places […]
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6 Barbeque Places in Ahmedabad

Steamy hot barbeque is smoked right in front of you. The Paneer crumbs turn red, and onions and capsicums are blended with essential spices. Does this create a delicious image in your mind? Well, it has got us drooling, and we can almost smell the smoky smell of a grilled barbeque. They are the perfect […]
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5 Best Places For Momos In Ahmedabad

“Yaar bhukh laagi chhe, Chalo momos khava jaiye”, who hasn’t heard these words in the evening? Every amdavadi loves momos, not as much as fafda jalebi. But they surely have a liking towards momos too. This delicious treat originated somewhere in the North but has become everyone’s favourite across the country. Steamed momos or fried […]

Top 12 Cheesiest Food Dishes In Ahmedabad

SAY CHEEEEESE!! This expression is not just limited to clicking pictures. Hume cheese usske harr Ek roop me pasand hai! In other words, If you are one of those who order extra cheese on every dish, then this blog is cheesiliciously grated for you.  By the way, do you know the top 12 cheesiest food […]
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