Foodies’ paradise is such a place where there is food, food, and food everywhere! You get to see, eat and even think about food only. In order to enter such a food paradise, here we have brought to you some of the top Food Instagram Influencers, which you should definitely follow to fill your Instagram feed with lip-smacking food pictures and make every day a foodies’ paradise!

1Sarah Hussain (@zingyzest)

Food Instagram Influencers
Source: @zingyzest

At the age of 19, the passion to do something different from others inspired Sarah to start a blogging page on Instagram. Also, her love for food photography had contributed to her passion! If you want to know about any new cafes opening up, a new menu on restaurants, or mini-videos about food, check out her Instagram page. And to know about the luxury hotels and local food, follow her Youtube channel here.

Total Followers: 257k