11 Food Items From School Days To Make You Nostalgic!

Along with the onset of summer, comes an onslaught of memories from school. Mainly, memories like the blistering hot classrooms, the distracting windows, the after-school games and much more. But, the best of all is the food items from the school days. The thelas just out of the gates served the best solution for hunger. It would sell a lot of food items from Imli, kacchi Kairi to Jamphad and Goras amli. Walking home chatting with friends while eating these snacks, forms the highlight of many of our school life. So here is a list of items that is sure to take you back to the school and its memory lane.

Food Items From School Days

1. Kacchi Kairi

The tangy taste of kacchi green Kairi dipped in salt and chili is the perfect way to experience summer. For people with a sweet tooth, you can also dip it in sugar.

2. Starfruit

Starfruit with a crunchy juicy skin, a sweet taste, and funky shape is a wonderful treat to share with your friends.

3. Khatta Amla

Eating amla at the back of the class, hiding from the teachers was so much fun! The taste increased significantly because of the forbidden nature.

4. Imli

With half a dozen varieties, Imli is the favorite snack of every kid. Khatta, meetha, kaccha, a mix of so many flavors in one. Fighting with friends over it is one of the most precious memories of childhood.

5. Goras Amli

Goras amli is more special than others. Along with being tasty, we will all remember competitions to see who can spit the seed farthest.

6. Jamphad ane kakdi

Jamphad chaat with special masala is still the best way to make children eat healthily.

7. Saunf

Saunf is that one snack you just cannot stop eating. After all, kacchi variyali kaune na game?

8. Phalsa

A through and through summer fruit, falsa can be eaten raw or be squashed and made into the most natural refreshing summer drink.

9. Setu

Small and sweet, these tasty fruits are much more nutritious than you would believe. The perfect combination, bacche bhi khush aur mummy bhi!

10. Kala Jamun

Want to get colored tongues but gola is not allowed? Eat these delicious Jamuns and get purple tongues.

11. Bor

Forget thelas, shaking tree branches or climbing trees to get these tasty bors was what made summer vacations complete.