Previously residing at the Food Park near Rajpath club, the Foodiness cafe was immensely loved by people for its unique food dishes. It specializes in the Fusion food category and the creativity of chefs in their kitchen has garnered them with much appreciation.

The Foodiness cafe has now opened at S.G. Highway, near Zydus hospital. It is a cozy cafe with simple yet elegant decor which surely gives the visitors a homely feel. The owners as well as the staff members are very courteous and will ensure that you have a delightful experience. Their most loved innovation, which has become a trademark of this cafe, is the Cookie Shots. These heavenly shots are a must try for every chocolate lover.

Coming onto their other dishes,

  • Tater Tots Pizza

One of their best sellers, the pizza is topped with potato chilly pops and layered with mayonnaise sauce. A genius innovation which would be pleasing to your eyes as well as taste buds.

Source – @kishan_sheth7
  • Foodie Moodie Pizza

For all the French fries lovers, here comes a time to rejoice. Your favorite fast food snack is now served onto a pizza along with other toppings like olives, red & yellow bell peppers and capsicum.

  • Veg Cheese Canepe

These delicious little packets are stuffed with healthy veggies and complemented with a good mix of sauces –  mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, and southwest.

Source – @kishan_sheth7
  • Burger Fondue

This novel fondue has the potential of becoming your next favorite. A simple potato patty burger but loaded with fries in the center and has cheese sauce dripping all over it. It is a visual treat for the onlookers and tastes even better than one could imagine.

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Source – @kishan_sheth7
  • Pull-Apart Bread

It is another of their most loved dishes. The basic idea of this dish is to serve a French loaf bread with stuffing like corn tomato, capsicum, etc. It is further garnished with seasoning herbs & chili flakes and provided with cheese sauce as a dip. There are three variants available for the pull-apart bread – cheese pull apart bread, veg pull apart bread and pesto sauce pull apart bread.

Source – @kishan_sheth7
  • Churros

There are very few places in Ahmedabad which serve quality churros, and the Foodiness cafe is surely among them in the top tier. Apart from the plain churros presented with chocolate sauce, they have introduced two new options. First being the Nutella churros, in where the churro sticks are coated with Nutella sauce and garnished with various sweet toppings like gems, sprinkles, etc. The second type of churros resemble the shape of a lollipop, thus deriving its name. These are coated with chocolate spread and topped with sweet sprinkles.

Source – @kishan_sheth7

The motto of this cafe is Fun, Food and Foodiness, and they clearly are coming true on those words. So, if you want to break free from your limited food options and relish some exciting new dishes, make sure to visit the Foodiness cafe.

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