Get Together Of Foodies & Food Hunt By MPOC, India

Recently I got a chance to attend an interesting event hosted by Malaysian Palm Oil Council-MPOC, India. Purpose of MPOC behind conducting this event was to educate about medical fraternity on the nutritional benefits of palm oil. But as you all know the mainstream informative event can become boring. So MPOC with their main agenda presented this event in a twisted avatar. They had a series of fun activities lined for us as a part of food hunt along with an informative session about palm oil and every activity had palm oil included in some or the other way. The event was hosted by Priyanka accompanied by Bhavna Shah, country head MPOC India & Sri Lanka.As a part of this food hunt we started off from Kbob’s Restaurant and we were supposed to find the place with a given clues and perform different tasks at different places like,

1.Palm Oil Quiz At Barbeque Nation

This quiz contained a series of questions related to palm oil and its health benefits. After which we are supposed to head to the next place.

Palm Oil Quiz | MPOC, India
Source: MPOC, India

2.Blind Food Tasting At Sugar N Spice

After tasting an amazing welcome drink made from coconut milk we were supposed to get blindfolded and taste the given dish and guess the ingredients.

Blind Food Tasting | MPOC, India
Source: MPOC, India

3.Salad Making At Happy Singh

We were given a range of ingredients including boiled beans, potato, carrots, oranges, pineapple, guava and two types of sauces to make a salad. The salad we made was judged by a famous homemaker and guest judge.

Salad Making | MPOC, India
Source: MPOC, India

4. Ice Cream Eating Competition, Kbob’s Restaurant

After successfully completing all of the above steps, we’re supposed to reach Kbob’s to have performed the final task of eating an entire bowl of ice cream filled with Ferrero Rocher and Nutella.

ice cream eating competition | MPOC, India
Source: MPOC, India

The team who performed the tasks successfully won the amazing gift hamper with amazing products made from palm oil.

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