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Gorgeous Leafy Greens And Their Benefits

Hello dear foodies, Trying to incorporate healthy eating habits in the form of leafy green veggies in your diet? But you’re also confused about what to include and what not to include in your diet. Isn’t it? If it’s a big yes, then we’re here to your rescue. We have pulled a small list of gorgeous leafy greens and their benefits for you. After knowing the impressive benefits of these deliciously delightful leafy greens, you’d want to incorporate them instantly into your diet.These dark, leafy greens are vital for our skin health, bone health, and hair due to the proteins, vitamins, minerals, and iron present in them. You’ll love being friends with them due to the numerous health benefits they provide. From helping you with weight troubles to aiding constipation to an increase in poor immunity, these veggies play a crucial role in our diet. Popeye would be absolutely proud of you if you make a habit of eating your greens!


Georgeous Leafy Greens And Their Benefits| Spinach

“I am what I am and that’s all that I am”, said Popeye while eating the spinach. What do you say while eating your share of spinach? This gorgeous leafy green is high in various nutrients and low in calories. Spinach contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also termed as one of the world’s healthiest foods which help in maintaining brain functions and maintains gastrointestinal health as well. Incorporate some spinach in your diet to reap its benefits. Make some delicious one-pot pasta with tomatoes and spinach or enjoy the delightful spinach curry in your meals.


Georgeous Leafy Greens And Their Benefits| Kale

Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods among the gorgeous leafy greens. It is a member of the cabbage family which is popular due to the high nutrients present in it and has a low-calorie count. It is also loaded with numerous powerful antioxidants, minerals, and is an excellent source of vitamins k and c. This superfood may reduce the risk of heart disease and lowers the cholesterol level of the body. Enjoy the tasty bowl of kale salad with carrot-ginger dressing or a kale quinoa salad. 


gorgeous leafy greens and their benefits| Cabbage

You’ll be surprised to know that cabbage comes in a variety of shapes as well as colors like red, purple, green, and white. This low calories vegetable contains lots of essential vitamins and minerals. Cabbage also consists of powerful antioxidants that may aid in reducing inflammation. The water-soluble vitamin c present in it plays certain important roles in our body. It also aids in keeping the digestive system healthy with the help of insoluble fibers present in it. Allow yourself to relish a delightful salad bowl that contains an ample amount of cabbage leaves.

Beet Greens

gorgeous leafy greens and their benefits| Beet greens

Wondering what are beet greens? Did you know that they are completely edible forms of leaves? Beet greens are the beautiful and luscious leaves attached to the beetroot which are also tasty. These versatile and beautiful leafy vegetable is high in nutritional values, vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, and minerals. Let’s just Beet It with all the beet greens. you can sautee it as a side dish or stem in soups, enjoy it with your salad, or have them with your delicious smoothies.


gorgeous leafy greens and their benefits| Coriander

The alluring coriander leaves are full of immune-boosting antioxidants. It consists of anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. It helps in lowering the blood pressure in order to protect our heart. The beautiful greens avoid unpleasant digestive symptoms such as bloating and discomfort and boost the appetite eventually. Devour some flavorsome coriander chutney with your meals or sprinkle some fresh coriander leaves to add that extra flavor to your meals.Which of these leafy green vegetables would you like to incorporate more in your diet from this list of gorgeous leafy greens and their benefits?

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