7 Must Try Dishes At HL and Cept Food Street, Ahmedabad

The commercial capital of Gujarat will never disappoint you when it comes to grub. From wide ranged choices in street food to posh cuisines, Ahmedabad has it all. This city is heaven for vegetarians, but non-vegetarians wouldn’t leave this city without happy guts either. Ahmedabadis’ love for food and urge to try more has got their city growing more and more in this field, trying to be the best at all possible objectives of best food station be that taste, quality, service or price. From eating into Collage-Hyatt to street food near H.L and Cept College road have various food stalls to satisfy your hunger. If you’re looking for a great carvery with locally sourced ingredients and friendly service at a good price, I definitely recommend you to visit HL and Cept food street for a different food experience. Here is the list of Must try Dishes In HL and Cept Food Street :

1. Frankie, M.F.L.Franco

This place offers you wide range of heavy and lip-smacking Frankie. Their one Frankie is quite enough to fulfil your hunger.

HL and Cept Food Street
Source: @thefoodiefreaks

2. Street Side Maggie Pasta

HL and Cept Food Street
Source: @the_hungry.panda

3.Pancakes, Bubble Pop Pancake

The best and drooling Pancake to have in the city.

HL and Cept Food Street
Source: @jainfoodgasm

4. Momos, Momos Cart

HL and Cept Food Street
Source: Khushbu Khatri

5.Cold Coco

HL and Cept Food Street
Source: Google Images

6. Khichiya, Mouthful Crunch

HL and Cept Food Street
Source: Hungrito

7. Pizza, Red Brick Pizza

HL and Cept Food Street
Source: Dhavaljit Rathod

Pooja Anandani and Sakina Vohra are bigtime foodies you can follow their food discoveries here: @ecstaticgrub

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