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Melt-Worthy Ice-cream Puns

"I scream, you scream. Everyone screams for an ice-creaaammmmmm!" Do you also want ice-cream to be in your team? Wondering why? Bang on, you'll agree with us on this because with them, everything is popsicle(possible)! Everyone loves eating an ice-cream while the mercury level rises during the scorching heat. The smooth, soft, and velvety ice-cream […]
Fantastic lines for culinary delights| Feature image

Funny Pizza Puns

Hey dear food lovers or rather pizza lovers, Don't you think that food and some humour goes hand in hand? It is an amazing packaged deal tho just like a packaged box of the delightful pizza. Isn't it? Also, how about a fun wordplay of our most favorite food - Pizza? Yes, if you are […]
COFFEE| Feature image

Interesting Coffee Puns

Hello dear food enthusiasts, We'd really like to know what are your thoughts regarding this tasty beverage known as coffee? Are you also a food devout or a food fan who is really like fond of all the tasty and various kinds of coffees. If yes, then you'll also love some of the interesting coffee […]
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10 Interesting Chai Puns For The Chai Lover In You

Hello dear food fans, Chai there? We mean to ask whether you're there with a cup of tea or not? If not, then you should because this beloved beverage is so tas-tea! We believe that chai is an emotion and a way of life. And majority of the world's population is fond of this simple […]
food puns and food pickup lines| Feature image

Food Puns and Pickup Lines We can't Get Over

Do you prefer your puns intended? Or are you fond of the sweet pick up lines when it comes to food? If you are a fan of wordplay then we’ve got you covered with this because you are our all Thyme favourite! You can impress your loved ones with these pizza minded and barbe-cute puns […]
Types Of Foodies

Out Of 7 Types Of Foodies, In Which Category Do You Fall?

For most of us, food is the most important thing and it is also necessary to know in which category do you fall among all types of foodies, isn't it? Some of you might fall in almost every category of the foodies because for them, food is the only major thing in their life. There […]
Foodie Moments with Indian Wedding

6 Moments Foodies Can Relate With At An Indian Wedding

Hola foodies! The month of the wedding season is here. And one thing which can get you unlimited tasty food is Indian weddings. As for all the foodies, it is always food, food, and food until infinity. And most of the foodies, attend Indian wedding for the delicious food they serve thereat. So if you […]

Signs That You're In A Committed Relationship With Cheese

Cheese Lovers: Swipe Right! Is there a Tinder for cheese lovers? If so, you could be the most eligible suitor. Cheese is such a thing which no one can deny at any point in time. As you know more than anyone that true love is hard to come, but you might surely be sharing an […]
Bollywood songs for foodies

6 Bollywood Foodie Songs For Every Die Hard Food Lover

Bollywood and songs always go hand in hand. Like, literally there is no such thing which you cannot relate to with Bollywood. Be it drama, food, friendship, fiction, and the list goes on. But for all the die-hard foodies, Bollywood has a room for food songs and I bet your love for food songs will […]
kulfi ice cream | Best Dishes In Ahemdabad - Part 8

A List Of The Perfect Gifts For Tea Lovers

Tea is the drink that directly reaches the soul. A morning cup, An afternoon sip, An evening gulp or bedtime tea- We all have our own timings and ways for enjoying our time with tea. If you are a great chai lover like us or know some friends who share the love for chai with […]
Street Food Places In Ahmedabad

8 Good Food Items That Brings Out The Inner Bhukkad In All Of Us

Good Food and Good Mood goes hand in hand. When the food is tasty, the world around you suddenly gets a bit better and happier place to live. Food isn't just about eating something to fill your tummy, it is an emotion. It comforts you on your bad days and makes you crave more on […]
True foodies like Joey

10 Signs That You're A True Foodie As Joey Tribbiani

All the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans out there, I know this series has a special place in your heart and so does it's amazing characters. After binge-watching, the complete show, each one of you would have found these characters to be relatable to your own friends. Let's talk about every fan's favourite- Joey Tribbiani. He's been bang […]
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