Cupcake and Muffin

8 Identical Looking Dishes That Are Poles Apart In Taste

Just like homonyms in the English dictionary, which are words that sound similar but have completely different meaning, food lovers may also identify with the dilemma of choosing between two identical looking dishes, which taste different and have quite different preparations. Hungrito brings to you a few such popular dishes which may even confuse the biggest of foodies!

 After digging out these differences you will never get confused with their identical presentations.

1. Biryani and Pulav

Biryani and Pulav taste

Biryani and Pulav have the main ingredient of rice. But the stark difference in their recipes is that while Biryani is cooked in layers, with curd and pre-fried vegetables, Pulaav, on the other hand, is steamed rice seasoned with herbs, spices, and vegetables in a single pot preparation.

2.  Grill sandwich and Roasted sandwich

Grill sandwich and Roasted sandwich taste

In a Grilled sandwich, the bread slices are stuffed with cheese and other fillers and then grilled with a generous greasing of butter.

While preparing a roasted sandwich, the toast slices are roasted on a grill pan without grease or toasted in an electric toaster, and then stuffed up with fillers.

3. Potato fries and Potato wedges

Potato fries and Potato wedges taste

These two popular snack items not only differ in the shapes of potato cuts, while french fries are prepared by simple deep frying potato sticks and seasoning them, wedges are parboiled, followed by a quick marinade in a corn flour batter and then fried.

4. Pie and Tart

Pie and Tart taste

A tart is usually much less generous with filling than a pie. Tarts actually don’t need a pan with a rim, because all of the pastry in a tart is placed flat on top of lower layers. A tart  MIGHT have a thin layer of pastry, placed flat on top to cover the filling, although a tart generally tends to be covered with a thin layer of pudding or egg white and sugar. A pie is generally made with a more robust pastry in a deeper pan or mould, with much more filling

5. Boondi ladoo and Motichur ladoo

Boondi ladoo and Motichur ladoo taste

Motichur ladoo and boondi ladoo seem to differ only in size but there is another difference that must be noticed, and that is boondi ladoo are made up of whole boondi without crushing them. Whereas, motichur ladoo is made up of crushed boondis.

6. Mac n Cheese And Alfredo Pasta

Baked dish and Pasta taste

It’s the cheese selection that mainly differs these two dishes. Mac n cheese may use a variety of cheeses whereas Alfredo Pasta is cooked in tomato puree, cream, and herbs.

7. Cupcake and Muffin

Cup cake and Muffin taste

Muffins and Cupcakes are virtually the same but what makes them stand apart is how they’re served! A Muffin is served just as it is taken out of the oven as well as it can be made in a savory version, while a cupcake after being baked is covered in frosting.

8. Biscuit and Cookie

Biscuit and Cookie taste

A cookie is sweet. Cookies are made from cookie dough. Cookies are baked until they puff up and crack that gives it a crunch when you break it. Whereas biscuits are a small, sweet and crunchy side snack made up of wheat flour.

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