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Ingredients That Help Add That Extra Spicy Touch To Your Food

Uff, uff mirchi! Hai, hai mirchi! Singing this song in your head while making yourself a mouth-watering spicy food dish? Well, if you find the spices intimidating and are looking for some not-so-common ingredients that will add that extra spiciness to your food, then hold on. Grab a bowl of makhana and plant yourself on the couch to read about the ingredients that add extra spice to your food. Oh, and yes, you’ll have a plan by the end on what to add in your next meal to amp up that spice quotient! :pDear spicy food lovers, it’s time to turn up the heat indeed! As these spicy food ingredients will definitely add lots of  flavor to your foods, leaving it more tastier for you!

1. Tobasco Sauce

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If you’re in search of a spicy, hot sauce that will give a makeover to your regular food dish, then grab a bottle of Tabasco Sauceeee! This hot sauce is made from Tabasco peppers, salt, and vinegar. You’ll be happy to know that this tangy and peppery sauce comes in variety that offers distinct level of heat. The hottest sauces of Tabasco are Habanero, Chipotle Pepper and garlic pepper falls in the mid-range, and Green Pepper sauces and Sweet and Spicy Sauce falls under the milder range. Voila, you can have these flavorsome sauces according to your moods!Use Tabasco Sauce in – Pizza, Pasta, Sandwich, Salad, French Fries, Cheese Fries, Mashed Potatoes, Burgers, Popcorn, Savory Oatmeal.

2. Pepper

Ingredients that add extra spic| Black pepper
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Don’t get surprised by all the benefits that black pepper has to offer as it is a magic spice ingredient! This commonly used spice is rich in anti-oxidants and is has got anti-inflammatory properties. This sharp and mildly spiced ingredient goes well with almost every food dish and adds flavor to it. Don’t trust us? Then you must try sprinkling some pepper on your creamy pasta, soulful soup bowl, or a crunchy sandwich! And tell us that you did not find it flavorsome. Black pepper being the “king of spices” is also popular in relieving pain and improving the gut health.Uses of Pepper – Any type of Pasta, Sandwich, Salad, Vegetables, Soup, Salad Dressing, Stir-Fry, Dipping Sauce, Avocado Toast, etc.

3. Garam Masala

Ingredients that add extra spic| Garam masala
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The evergreen spice mix is an essential spic that is added in the Indian dishes. It adds the extra flavor, taste, spice, heat, and pungency in your everyday food dishes. The aromatic and complex flavored Garam Masala offers a lovely aroma when added to the culinary delights. However, this spice blend is not only known for its taste but is also known to have medicinal and digestive properties! Try adding this intense masala in your daal and curries and see how flavorful it tastes!Uses of Garam Masala – Vegetable dishes, Sambhar, Types of Daal, Pulao, Soup bowls, Curies, Sprinkle it on Papad, Sandwich Masala, etc.

4. Peri Peri Sauce

Ingredients that add extra spic| peri peri sauce
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You and your sibling have the similar taste when it comes to peri peri fries from Mac Donalds? If yes, then peri peri sauce can definitely satisfy your taste buds. Try it out for yourself if you don’t believe us. Cause it has the power to transform any of your boring meal or snack into an absolute delight! The electric red peri peri sauce delivers succulent and flavor-packed meals when added into it. You can also indulge into this savory sauce as per your taste as it ranges in heat from medium to extra-hot!Uses of Peri Peri Sauce Chili Pepper, Chili Paneer, French Fries, Stir-Fry vegetables, etc.

5. Jalapeno peppers

Tangy items for culinary delights| Jalepeno peppers
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Its time to try the jalapeno peppers if you’re looking for some chili pepper madness! jalapenos are moderately spicy from the hot pepper family which is delightfully used in Mexican cuisine. These beauties are a power pack of nutrients and a good source of fiber. jalapeno peppers in red and green color can make your dish look ultra flavorful and colorful indeed!Uses of Jalapeno Peppers Pickles, Raw in Salad, Salsa, Chutney, Spicy Chili Oils, Stir-Fries, Vegetables Dishes, etc.Which out of these spicy ingredient is the one that you use the most to make your food dish more flavorful? Enlighten us with the ingredients that add extra spice to our food dishes if we’ve missed any!

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