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Karma Cafe – A Cafe – Cum – Library Exhibition Hub In Ahmedabad

Yolo, what’s up foodies? So today I’m going to talk about the hidden gem of Apnu Amdavad, The Karma Cafe. Location: Gujarat Vidyapeeth road, Navjeevan building, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.The name of the cafe itself is based on the truth of life, “Karma”. It’s basically Gandhiji themed or ideology related to Gandhiji, Cafe-cum-Library-Exhibition Hub.

Talking About The Cafe

It’s open every day except for Monday. And the timings are 12 pm to 9 pm. This cafe has both indoor and outdoor seatings available.

Karma Cafe: Ambiance
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  • Inside the cafe: While you are inside the cafe, you’ll be surrounded by the books and very quiet place to meet people. It is also for book lovers or students or people of the artistic mind. They can work in peace. It is really a good spot to catch up with family or friends or casual meetings.
  • Outside the cafe: They have wooden seating outside the cafe and it is very interesting. For all the chit chat lovers, they can self-serve their snacks and sit in the outer area. The staff is very friendly there.

Food Of The Karma Cafe

Karma Cafe: Food
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They have got limited dishes like bhakhri pizza, mamra, Gujarati muthiya, chai, coffee and some natural juices like tulsi pudina juice, amla juice, etc. They also have unlimited Gujarati Thali named “Gandhi Thali” for the weekend that is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In the Gandhi thali, they serve kadi khichdi, lasan ni chatni, organic gud, sev tameta nu shak, bataka nu shak, bhakhri, thepla, etc. which is considered as Satvik Bhojan in Gujarati community. The best part of this Karma Cafe is that they conduct “Khichdi festival” every year which is on a weekend and they serve healthy khichdi varieties along with various Gujarati dishes.

Karma Cafe: Food
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If a person is outsider/hosteler/pg then, he/she craves for good Gujarati food, then this is the place where there is good food along with the peaceful environment. Where you meet new people with their different goals and different stories that’s how life is right..?

Unique Payment Mode

The payment mode here is unique from the other cafes. Its like they are serving food free of cost and if you feel like paying, then you can pay in the charity box or drop box. They don’t give you bills or anything. There is one charity box in which we are supposed to pay whatever amount we wish to pay. That amount goes to charity purpose.

Something About The Satya Art Gallery & Library

Art place| Ambiance
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They have art gallery named SATYA ART GALLERY right inside the cafe where every artist can showcase their art. (Photographs, Paintings, etc.) As the cafe is a library-exhibition hub, it is mostly surrounded by books. Truth related or Gandhiji based books and cultural books are available here. You can issue or read them there in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere there. The company of good tea and the good book gives a positive vibe. Besides the seating area, they also got a KHADI STORE, where they sell cotton and khadi clothes. Students from various fashion based courses give their work here to sell their creative designs in cotton, pure cotton, and khadi based materials.

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The place has got its spiritual vibes and when you visit this place, you don’t feel like leaving the place. It feels so pure, so good, so peaceful. Most importantly the hygiene is maintained and the cleanliness is also seen in the surroundings. Its one of the hidden and not so known places in Ahmedabad, full of good energy and peaceful vibes. If you are a shy, introvert type of a person who wishes to work in a corner with some good food and your own books, mark it this is the place for you.Twinkle Thackker is a big time foodie. You can check out her food discoveries here: @teenku

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