Ae haalllooooo!

Samjai gyu hase ne ke Navratri aai gai che! To garba gava javanu ne? Has to aa kai puchvani vat che? Pn garba gai ne je tadaka ni bhookh lagi hoi enu su? Are Hungrito chene, a kehse kya javu joia!
So foodies, with the help of your favorite places we’ve made a list of the street food joints which are late night food joints during Navratri, to satisfy your “after garba hunger strike”!

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Source: @anujpatel26

Does Manek Chowk need any description? Of course, not! After playing Garba to your heart’s content, who would miss out on this Spicy Ragda and Gwalior Dosa for beating your hunger pangs?

Open till: Approx. 3:00 to 4:00 AM