Satisfying Ways to Eat Nutella

Most Satisfying Ways to Eat Nutella

Yes, there is no shame in admitting that no amount of Nutella you consume will ever be enough! Nutella is the ultimate comfort food in the world. PERIOD! With that said you should also know that a jar full of Nutella can never disappoint anyone! Nutella equals happiness for us and we are highly addicted to our happiness. And if it means the same for you, then you have come to the perfect place. With the concept of every day being a new day we bring to you the most satisfying ways to eat Nutella differently every day!

1. Use Nutella as a spread

One of the most satisfying feelings of eating Nutella is spreading it on the slice of bread. It is the most simple and less messy way to indulge Nutella. You can also spread it over waffles, crepes, and different other types of bread.

Satisfying Ways to Eat Nutella| Use Nutella as a spread

2. Stuffing Nutella in Biscuits

You can spread Nutella in the middle of two biscuits and make a Nutella biscuit sandwich. You can use any type of biscuits either salty or sweet. It tastes the best with both. This is the easiest and quickest way to have Nutella differently. Additionally, biscuits provide a crunch to the normal creamy Nutella.

3. Dip Nutella with Fruits

There are a lot of fruits that can be easily had with Nutella. Fruits bring freshness to the dense chocolaty and hazel-nutty flavor of Nutella. You should try fruits like strawberry apple, banana, and other berries.

Satisfying Ways to Eat Nutella| Nutella with Fruits

4. Make Nutella Hot Chocolate

Everyone loves hot chocolate and everyone loves Nutella! So why not just start getting creative with it and mix both that would bring double the love! When you heat the milk for hot chocolate add Nutella to it and mix them both till Nutella gets mixed the take it of the heat. Voila! Your Nutella Hot chocolate is ready!

Satisfying Ways to Eat Nutella| Nutella Hot Chocolate

5. Have Nutella with Ice Cream

Use Nutella as an ice-cream topping. Creative isn’t it? This is another indulging way to have Nutella. If you ever make ice-cream at home then you can incorporate Nutella with your normal ice-cream method and blend it well together. By this, you can have Nutella flavored ice-cream at home. Nutella can also be used as a topping for sundaes.

6. Have It Straight From The Jar With A Spoon

The most classic and uncomplicated way to have Nutella on a lazy day! This gives satisfaction and comfort at any time any day. Having a spoonful or a jar full of Nutella on at any given day keeps all the problems at bay!

Satisfying Ways to Eat Nutella| Nutella from the Spoon

Which of these satisfying ways to eat Nutella have you tried before? Also, which of these ways do you think is so far the most indulging?

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