Can you tell me what word comes to your mind when you hear the word Desserts? I think it’s Happiness right. Dessert is the most amazing and yummiest part of any menu. Desserts are the pill to your anxiety and energy booster to your happiness. And when we talk about dessert how can we forget The Chocolate Room. Here are some names of mouthwatering dishes of The Chocolate Room to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Best Desserts of The Chocolate Room

1.  Chocolate avalanche 

Chocolate Avalanche
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2. Choco Fudge

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3. Chocolate Mess

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 4. Chocolate Fondue

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5. Thank God It’s Sunday

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6. Hot Chocolate

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7. Death By Chocolate Pancake

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So these are some really good dishes of the chocolate room, do try them out and tell me about your experience and if I missed out any good dish.

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