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Artificial Sweeteners, Its Consumption and Diabetics!

When you live with diabetes, it becomes extremely difficult to stay away from attractive desserts at the end of a fancy meal. Be it a thick shake, a smoothie, cakes and ice creams or those sugar dipped jalebis, all of it is here to mess up your blood sugar levels. Although there exist certain savory […]

How Well Do You Know Your Dairy Products?

There exist hundreds of different dairy products around the world. How many of them, do you know about? Well, here is a list of common and not so common healthy dairy products around the world. 1. Butter: Butter is a dairy product made up churning milk or cream. It consists of a high amount of […]

Stuffed Papad For Your Evening Snack: Monsoon Delight

As we all know, monsoon has already made its way here. The best way to enjoy monsoon is with those crispy hot bhajiyas, slurpy Maggi, butter masala corn, kadak masaledar chai, and soothing hot coffee. But, how about trying something different this monsoon? So here I am with a simple recipe about stuffed papad. Try […]
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5 Easy Cheese Recipes To Try This Weekend

Cheeeeeeeeeese it is! Who'd deny to delicious dishes which are filled with cheesy cheese? I,m sure none of you would. So here I'm back again with the best cheese recipes which are quick to make and you can definitely try them at this weekend. 1. Margherita Pizza The classic pizza based with tomato gravy and […]

How Many Of These World Food Days Do You Know? - Part 1

I love eating, there is no doubt about it. At All! When I find others with the same love for food, it makes me so happy. If it was up to us, I am sure we all would celebrate food day every day! But no worries. Here is a list of all the world days […]

Some Great Facts About Lip-Smacking Ice Cream!

Who doesn't love licking ice creams? Available in a thousand different flavors, it is the best dessert. Period. But how many of you know these unique facts about the beloved ice cream? Let's find OUT! 1.The most famous flavor Any guesses? Surprise surprise! The most famous flavor of ice cream is not chocolate. It's vanilla! […]

Zoodles - Spaghetti Made Out Of Zucchini

Have you ever heard about Zoodles? I guess know. So here I am to give you a brief about it. Zoodles = Zucchini Noodles! Sounds weird, right? But trust me, when you'll taste it, you'll never get over it. Basically, it is an alternate form of pasta. When the kids don't like to eat raw […]

Coffee: Its Consumption and health benefits!

Coffee consumption is high in trend. Do you ever give it a thought, "what is the exact amount of caffeine content required for your body?" The miracle ingredient which helps you kick start your metabolism of the body present in coffee is after all caffeine. the body requires only 4.5 mg of caffeine. Usually, most […]

5 Foods That Will Make Your Skin Healthy

Healthy skin is all about being fresh all the time. But in today's hectic life, it is difficult to maintain our skin because of the dust and pollution around us. The weather keeps on changing every single time which has a major role in making our skin unhealthy. So we do a lot of stuff […]

Yoga and food: Together forever!

Integrate a habit of adding nourishing food practices to avail the best results from yoga. Considering to follow yogic values into our kitchen, one can create a pathway to kindle the soul with food. This helps to connect and form a moment of peace among ourselves, each other and life. Our food practices only help […]

Foods That Will Resist You From Gaining Weight

Nowadays, every one of us is becoming so health freak that we have started indulging in various physical exercises for maintaining our health. All of us are so conscious about our health, especially about our increasing weight. And for that, all of us end up either dieting or working out. But do you really think […]

Famous Food Myths: How Many Of Them Are True?

We have all heard 'zyada sugar khane se diabetes hoti hai.' or 'Itna ghee khaoge toh mote ho jaoge!' from friends, relatives, and family. India, a land of superstitions is also a land of food. So obviously we have a million food myths that prevent us from enjoying our delicious food. Here we bring to […]
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