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Junk food, Its consumption and Increasing allergies in kids!

There has been a certain increase in the number of patients suffering from certain food allergies. Food allergies and the consumption of junk food have been on a rise, for a while. Around 7% of the kid suffers from an allergy to a food item or another. An allergic reaction occurs when your body recognizes […]

Is Pineapple Acceptable On A Pizza As A Topping?

Pizzzzaaahhhhhh! It is one such emotion that no one could get over from. And most of you would be loving simply cheesepizza i.e. nothing should come between cheese and pizza, not even veggies. But still, it tastes awesome with the veggies, sauces, olives, jalapenos, mushrooms, and of course cheese! But now the question is about […]

Biryani or pulao?

Every time a friend or an acquaintance describes a pulao and biryani as the same, my foodie-self always beams at their use of words. And well, to me, an adamant fan of Biryani, it becomes easier to get into a certain level of an argument regarding the difference between both. Both of them have spices, […]

How well do you know your cheese and cheesy dishes?

What is the first thing that comes to your head, when you hear the word "cheese"? pizza? pasta? lasagna? Well, all that cravings this single dairy product could raise in your heart is commendable. All the cheese and the calories it brings comes in handy. But, how would you resist the cheese itself? Well, you […]

5 Foods That Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Your eating habits will drastically affect many aspects of health including the development of various chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Regulation of food consumption is a must as it effects in multiple ways. Here, I'm going to talk about some of the kinds of foods that reduce the risk of cancer […]

Ice Dishes With Crafty Flavors At ICYKRAFT, Sindhu Bhavan Road

Hello Foodies! Welcome the Art you can make out of ice to fulfill your summer cravings. Here is a destination for kids, family and youngsters to join in together. Experience a fusion of different flavors at ICYKRAFT. Here's a group of youngsters, finding a way to serve icy flavors to beat up the summer heat. […]

Cuppucino Cafe, Sindhu Bhavan Road - A New Place With New Delicacies.

For all the food lovers out there, If you want to have something new then, here is good news. The Cuppucino cafe has now a new outlet at Sindhu Bhavan Road. And with a new branch, they've come up with some never-seen-before kind of items and trust me! you'll fall in love with the kind […]

Our Favourite Food Brands Are Here To Help Us Out At The Kitchen

There are so many times when we face a dilemma regarding eating tasty food.It is not always possible to eat and order food from outside and due to tight schedules, people often need to compromise on taste when it comes to having the best delicious food. But, we don't need to worry because our favourite food […]

The Most Famous Food In 2018: Top Searched Food On Google

All of us foodie souls will surely be able to relate to one fact. i.e We just cannot resist food. You're going out to it? I'm in You're talking about food? I'm in You're searching the most tasty food? Let me peep in. Google has revealed the most searched food of the year 2018. Let's […]

Online Food Delivery Apps: Offers & Discounts

The trend of ordering food online has received quite a boost in the recent times and has gained much popularity among the foodie hearts in each one of us. Well of-course! Who wouldn't love amazing tasty food delivered to their doorstep. And if you are getting amazing food discount along with the comfort of delicious […]

9 Customer Loyalty Programs That Are Just Made For A Foodie Like You

Customer loyalty programs seem to be everywhere these days. From supermarkets to local grocery stores, multiplexes to shopping malls, local restaurants to major airlines. It seems like wherever we go, a company is offering us the option of joining their customer rewards program or loyalty club. The question that pops into my head every time […]
HungritoFM3, The Chocolate Room, India

Tasty Additions To The Menu Of Chocolate Room, India: #HungritoFM3

When I was invited by Hungrito for their 3rd meet up, I was pleasantly surprised. Getting acquainted with one of the biggest food blogs of Ahmedabad is certainly a delight. 10 bloggers were invited to the outlet of 'Chocolate Room, India' near Vijay crossroads for the launch of their winter delicacies namely cheesecakes and hot chocolates. The […]
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