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Veg Protein Food cover image

Top Veg Protein Food To Include In Your Diet

As we all know that the government has been running several programs to guide and give every citizen a healthy life. The IDA (Indian Dietetic Association) has observed that Indians have 50% inadequate protein pattern in their diet. To improve this, they have taken an initiative of The Protein Week (July 24 - 30) this year. If […]
World Heritage City Ahmedabad Through The Eyes Of A Foodie

World Heritage City Ahmedabad Through The Eyes Of A Foodie

As we all know that Ahmedabad has been recognized as thefirst World Heritage City of India by UNESCO, every Amdavadi had been so proud to celebrate this memorable occasion. In the same way, let's come together and celebrate the World Heritage Day by making a visit to the oldest and tasteful food joints in the World Heritage […]
Food of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad : Paradise for Food Lovers

Ahmedabad is known for its rich culture, for its unique festivals and the ever smiling people. But what is special about Ahmedabad is its food. Food is what makes Ahmedabad a paradise for bhukkads. Gujarati's have always been known for their appetite and the numerous delicious dishes they prepare. Ahmedabad has everything you want to […]
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