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A Must Visit Place For Pasta Lovers : Nini’s Kitchen, Ahmedabad

If you are a foodie and are living in Ahmedabad, I am sure you must have heard of Nini’s Kitchen. I happened to visit this place for the first time on the World Pasta Day and since then I have become a regular customer. I was impressed with their creatives, though most of the dishes I tasted were delicious, some were not even at par especially the desserts.


My experience at Nini’s kitchen this place tells that their Italian food is very delicious.Pizza: You can never go wrong with pizza. It was Margherita in soft pan crust in red tomato sauce and it had fine tomato slices and fresh basil leaves toppings. It was very nice and above average.

Margarita | Nini’s kitchen
Source: @la_food_house

Pasta: I tried both Pesto and mixed sauce pasta. And oh boy! Fell in love with both of them. When you don’t want to experiment with the food, go have mixed sauce pasta which sautéed in vegetables with Italian herbs and comes that comes with two garlic bread.

Mixed sauce pasta | Nini’s kitchen
Source: @la_food_house

Penne pasta was cooked with a combination of green pesto sauce and cheese sauce, crushed garlic, yellow & red bell pepper, and American corn.

Pesto Pasta | Nini’s kitchen
Source: @la_food_house

Mexican Hotpot: It tasted a bit tangy and simple but it lacked the creativity that of other dishes have.

Mexican hot pot | Nini’s kitchen
Source: @la_food_house

Dessert: I loved the Nini’s Kitchen’s  creative way to present a Dessert – one of the best concept I’ve seen so far. However, Nini’s disappointed me when it came to the taste of the dish. In the pot, they serve a lot amount of Brownie (which has too much of quantity than ice-cream) so there’s nothing special in the desert it’s just Brownie with Ice-cream.

Pot Brownie | Nini’s kitchen
Source: @la_food_house


I love the concept of Jail/Dining Room Nini’s Kitchen has, where you can easily arrange a party for 20/30 people comfortably.

Nini’s kitchen
Source: Kaushal Mehta

The concept of clock fixed on the first wheel of the bicycle was really creative. Their pictures and book collection is one of the best as well. Overall this place is comfy and perfect for your food gateways. 

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