Online Food Delivery Apps: Offers & Discounts

The trend of ordering food online has received quite a boost in the recent times and has gained much popularity among the foodie hearts in each one of us. Well of-course! Who wouldn’t love amazing tasty food delivered to their doorstep. And if you are getting amazing food discount along with the comfort of delicious food at your home, it surely is a win-win situation. These days there are various food delivery apps offering the best deals for you and to make your choices easier, We’ve got a list of the best online food offers and all the food discounts being offered by food delivery apps.

1. Zomato:

Zomato has got this amazing No Cooking December offer on to let you avail the best food discount at a rate of flat 50% for selected food joints. You can find the offer on the main page as you open the app.

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Source: Zomato

2. Swiggy:

Though Swiggy is a comparatively newer player in the Online food delivery app market, it has become quite popular now. Swiggy is offering food discounts varying for option with flat 50% and more. You can find them in the offers tab on the right most corner in the app.

Online| Food| Delivery| Offers|Apps|Swiggy|Food Delivery
Source: Swiggy

3. Uber Eats:

Along with Zomato and Swiggy’s competency on swing, Uber Eats is also readily offering great dinner deals you can grab on.Many offers with flat 50% offers and other varying discounts are up on Uber Eats.

Online| Food| Delivery| Offers|Apps|Uber Eats|Food Delivery
Source: UberEats

4. Food Panda:

December is surely the month to grab the most amazing food discount offers with all the food delivery apps. Food Panda has a coupon code offering flat 50% off on first three orders.

Source: FoodPanda

Let us know about your favourite food delivery apps. Find out more about the online food delivery apps present in the Indian market.

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