Best Ways To Drool Over Potato!

Best Ways To Drool Over Potato!

Potato is the most selfless vegetable and the most loved one too. Would you disagree with this? I’m a big Potato Fan. I can have potatoes in almost everything and in whatsoever way possible. Boiled, fried or blanched potatoes do wonders in every form. And can you resist those crispy potato chips? I bet not. No matter what the potatoes are priced at, they are bought anyway! They exist in many forms, I strongly believe potato is the greatest vegetable known to man. From eating at home to having a lavish buffet at a 5-star hotel we always end up eating potato in one way or other.

So are you a fan of Aloo too? Then, BAM!! This blog is for you. Satisfy your obsession with potatoes by having all these heavenly aloo varieties.

1. Potato Chips

Potato Chips | Potato Fan
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Netflix and chill? NEAH!! “Sasural Simar Ka and Potato Chips”

2. Potato Wedges

Source: Canonguyy

Crispy Heaven.

3. Potato Spiral

Source: Hungrito

Twisted, crispy and fried potato flavoured with spices, cheese, mayo and much more.

4. French Fries

Source: Canonguyy

Touch those fries on my plate, and I swear to kill you right there.

5. Stuffed Potatoes

Source: Hungrito

Veggies stuffed in baked potatoes, just a new way to have potato.

6. Aloo Sandwich

Source: Foodintheframe

Mornings are just impossible without breakfast, and breakfast is just impossible without aloo sandwich.

7. Batata Wada

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Some people don’t romance in rains, they just slurp a cup of chai and a plate of hot pakodas.

8. Aloo Paratha

Aloo Parantha
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Aloo ke Parathe aur Dahi…Ahh, a great start to a day.

9. Dum Aloo Sabzi

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These chotu potatoes have the ability to make you crave for them all day long.

10. Sweet Potato

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Which other vegetables can be prepared in as many ways as the potato? I doubt none. Also, don’t forget me which one of the above dishes you love the most.

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