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Our beloved beverage| Feature image

6 Most Popular Types Of Chai You Can Enjoy Across India

Maa ke haath ki aadrak wali chai ya masala chai with our favorite snacks is all we wish for when the sun peeks through the clouds in the morning!! And don't we all agree to the fact that chai is not just a beverage but it is an emotion!!? It's the joy that lasts throughout […]
Eateries in Ladakh| feature image

9 Best Cafes To Visit In Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh - a land of captivating nature and delectable delicacies! You'll be stunned by the force of nature and the beautiful presentation of the food platters by various food joints. While the extreme weather conditions giving your goose-bumps, the culinary delights of ladakh are no less! Therefore, we've curated a list of cafes in […]
Distinctive desserts| Feature image

Unique Toothsome Ice-cream Flavors Found In The World

"A balanced diet is an ice cream in each hand." Don't you think that it is true when it comes to our absolute favorite creamy delights - Ice-creaaammmm!? Ah, did you scream? Did you scream? We did!!! 😛 People of all the age groups never gets bored of ice-creams due to it's versatile flavors and […]

Unique Serveware Items You Need To Buy Now

Our dining table and the kitchen are the two frequently visited places at home. Cause we all believe that food tells stories, isn't it? We are aware of the fact that the presentation of food on the table sets our mood for dining, even at home! If you are somebody who loves the alluring serveware […]

6 Tasty Food Dishes You Can Make With Mangoes

Hola dear foodies, Where you at? Calling all the mango lovers here! Do you also wish how lovely it would be if the mango season was all year? As we spend most of the summer eating this amazing fruit, then why not make some tasty dishes from mangoes. Mango is an immunity-boosting fruit that is […]
Spicy food ingredients| Feature image

Ingredients That Help Add That Extra Spicy Touch To Your Food

Uff, uff mirchi! Hai, hai mirchi! Singing this song in your head while making yourself a mouth-watering spicy food dish? Well, if you find the spices intimidating and are looking for some not-so-common ingredients that will add that extra spiciness to your food, then hold on. Grab a bowl of makhana and plant yourself on […]
Good food good life| Feature image

5 Ways To Reduce Food Wastage This Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June to create awareness and increase the efforts towards conversing the environment. As much as, we love all things food we still are the global citizens responsible for taking better steps towards conserving the environment and making it sustainable for everyone. This does not mean that […]
Aromatic beans| Feature image

5 Unique Coffee Blends

"Words cannot espresso how much you bean to me!" Ever said this to a cup of coffee? Do you feel calm by making yourself a cup of scalding hot coffee or maybe a tall glass of flavorful frappes when you're low? If yes, then you're definitely a caffeine connoisseur! If you can't ever function without […]

Melt-Worthy Ice-cream Puns

"I scream, you scream. Everyone screams for an ice-creaaammmmmm!" Do you also want ice-cream to be in your team? Wondering why? Bang on, you'll agree with us on this because with them, everything is popsicle(possible)! Everyone loves eating an ice-cream while the mercury level rises during the scorching heat. The smooth, soft, and velvety ice-cream […]
Fascinating things about culinary delights| Longest cooking records

Food Related World Records You Need To Check Out Right Now

On an average we make few chapatis, dosas, a marshmallow dessert, or a glass of the delicious peanut butter smoothie. We also spend time, i.e half a day in putting together these culinary delights in our kitchen. Don't you agree with us on this? But somewhere down the line, someone wanted to make a record […]
Delicious desserts at home| Feature image

Delightful Ice-cream Sandwiches You Can Make At Home

Are you a part of the cream team? The ice-cream team? Would you not like to scream for an ice-cream? And don't you think that it would be exciting if you can make the delightful and fancy desserts at home!? If by all means it's a yes, then check out this list of the some […]
Fantastic dessert lines| Feature image

10 Fabulous Waffle Puns For Waffle Lovers

"Sleep is just a time machine to breakfast and more waffles." Looking for a perfect breakfast platter along with the kick of caffeine for a Sunday morning at home? And fond of desserts too? If yes, then make yourself some appetizing waffles and a cup of flavorful coffee. Grab that wonderful plate while reading these […]
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